Returning player with a few questions

Hi all,

I played a lot during ‘vanilla’ but have not played either expansion, so really looking forward to getting stuck in again! The 3 new classes all look awesome and I’m deliberately trying not to look up anything to do with the new content so don’t know areas, bosses, etc - anyway I digress. I have been theory-crafting the last couple of days, looking at what I think I would enjoy and have some questions about some mechanics that I couldn’t find answers to on google (the links were all to the old forums, which wouldn’t work?). Seems I’ve forgotten a lot.

  1. Can devouring swarm crit?
  2. Can grasping vines crit?
    If neither can then my build will need to be re-adjusted since one of my devotion skills procs off crits
  3. How much OA do I need for crits to be common? The skill above is 100% chance on crit so my crit doesn’t have to be amazing, just ok. I have an OA of 2656 in my grimtools build, 2998 with ascension up, but I don’t want to rely on that since it’s not going to be up 100% of the time.
  4. Without any spoilers, do any of the new factions have a decision mechanic involved? E.g. a Kymon’s Chosen/Death’s Vigil situation where you can’t have your reputation maxxed with both.

1 and 2 yes, all skills that counts as attack can crit though some can not trigger “on crit” like Deadly Aim since they might be pseudopets.

  1. About 3k

  2. No

More info mere 🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

Since you are basically new then if you have not played expansions, you can find budget builds here with leveling guides and tips ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Thank you for the swift response. I still have all my mules backed up, so I have a decent amount of gear up to 75. It’s just after that point I’ll drop off :wink:

One further question - the expansions - do they continue after the base game is complete or are they intermingled?

AoM (Act 5 - 6) after Base Game (Act 1 - 4)

Forgotten Gods (Act 7 and Shattered Realm Mode > endless gaming mode included in the Campaign mode, not like crucible seperatly in main menu) is available, if you have killed Warden Krieg > finishing Act 1, you can reach it with a portal directly in every town.

Ok, thanks!

Just a note about that - while Zantai recommends that you do AoM first then FG, it is worthwhile to ‘dip’ into the starting town area of FG once you beat the Warden.

  1. You can purchase Dynamite at the Blacksmith there, which is something you cannot do until Homestead in the base game.
  2. If you do the first Shard (wave) of the Shattered Realm and then ‘cash out’ after defeating the first Boss in it, it nets you access to a Devotion Shrine. Relatively easy/quick to get.
  3. Run around the starting town and grab the several Lore notes lying around for some quick easy XP.
  4. If you do the base town quests and choose a Faction you can then purchase a Movement Rune at your Faction, which you then apply to your medal gear slot.

It is also worth noting that beating the Warden isn’t the ‘only’ requirement. You actually need to both beat the Warden and be at least level 15, just in case you were really ‘rushing’ it.

This is what I usually do before continuing on my way in the Vanilla content.


interesting, thank you Powbam, I did not even think about that, I usually run around a few laps in the Cronley area …

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