Ritualist after Dark one set change? What combo, necro +?

Dark one set gives now dmg bonus for wendigo Totem. Any one tried it?

I never played a vita dmg hero. I want to try one. I already farmed the set and its in my stash. But I dont know if i should go:

Cabalist or ritualist or reaper

Cabalist seems the standard way to go. Occultist gives a lot of nice extras. Look at all the nice stuff: free OA, free Acid resistance, free physical resistance, dmg absorption, chaos resistance

Shaman gives better resist reduction! 30% extra Health, more armor, free pierce and aether resistance

nightblade seems bad on paper. But some guys says that phantasmal blades skill is one of the strongest spells in the game. you can shotgun enemies.

For me now the question is: how good is wendigo totem now with all the buffs from the dark one set?

The occultist passives seems to be way stronger as the shaman stuff. But with shaman you get nearly twice as much resistance reduction and wendigo totem now as extra dmg skill

With occultist you get better passive boni and bloody pox as extra dmg skill. How good is bloody pox? Is bloody pox good enough? Or will the new wendigo totem destroy everything?

If you look at the numbers. Wendigo totem with the set does: 525 base vita dmg. Without all the mods. That`s a lot.

As example the other base vita dmg numbers without %scaling

Bloody pox: 117, great aoe

Sigil: 110, bad, no movement

phantasmal blades: 240average, multiple projectiles, can shotgun

devouring swarm: 65, ultra resistance shred

storm totem: 215average, - big dmg - big aoe

siphon souls: 262, - ui! a lot base dmg

ravenous earth: 242 - multiple projectiles, can shotgun

bone harvest 204 - ui! surprise how much base dmg some skills do

— same post as in the reddit :slight_smile: Hope i will get some tips and answers. Biggest question is:
Is bloody pox good enough as extra dmg skill? Is wendigo totem now strong? Is more RR with devouring swarm better as the passive boni you get from occultist? Or is phantasmal blades soo strong that everything else does not matter? – reminder: I only got the dark one set, not the stuff to make a ultra endgame build :)))

It also boils down to what playstyle you prefer: lazy caster or spam caster

If you still are undergeared, you can check out mine and spanks budget PB reaper 🔪 Sir Spanksalot's / malawiglenn's Beginner Guide for Phantasmal Blades Reaper ,

or my Vit caster cabalist ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

or Nery’s vit damage caster Oppressor [] [Caster] Beginner's/budget vitality RE Oppressor,leveling guide inside,Cabalist version added

Aslo try my/nery’s DW melee ritualist: ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

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You missed Oathkeeper as option.

For Phantasmal Blades, you want more damage from Demonslayer set!
Bloody pox isn’t known as good damage source. Ravenous earth build is easiest to gear. Bone Harvest is skill with big Weapon Damage, Dark One doesn’t have flat damage on the set, so Blood Knight is better there. Ritualist right now have the most synergy and Wendigo even if it’s not big damage source will provide crazy sustain. And Shaman passive boost to resistances and armor is welcomed.

So why not Ritualist?


Ui. The melee one is nice. Thx. I will go ritualist caster and later with geat i will re evaluate to go melee or not.

Gearing and devotions will be very similar for ritualist as cabalist and oppressor. The only “real new item” you need is this off-hand Groble Sky Effigy with preferably +%vit damage. This will allow you to get out storm totems faster

Skills something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeokAX2

Is master of death not better? you get OA und DA and the %dmg from the other skill is not so much?

Let’s say you have less than 3k OA, then try Master of Death.

Here is version with almost identical gear as Nerys oppresor (just changed off hand and amulet component) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1EkBLV +2500% dmg with all procs

Here is same as above but with master of death
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrDnkk2 +2400% dmg with all procs

So in this case, Master of Death is worth it since the Harbinger version did not have that much OA to begin with

Since shaman does not have neither flat OA or DA (well if you use savagery you can get it), might actually be beneficial to take Master of Death compared to the Cabalist and Oppressor which has both ways of getting flat OA and also DA shred skills.

Note: for melee, you need Harbinger for the flat damage

Hi there been playing your @malawiglenn vitality cabalist its a great guide! just want to ask if ritualist will be better than cabalist? maybe in terms of dps or overall? if both are equally geared. thanks

Dark One is very versatile set supporting multiple classes. You can’t go wrong with Ritualist, Cabalist or Conjurer. Wendigo totem offers the best damage/sustain from the set. Second best option is Ravenous earth. So Ritualist is the best class but differences are so so small.

You can even make a Dark One Gunslinging Sentinel and it works. Very fun to level up as well! :slight_smile:

The difference of Ritualist and cabalist, is that cabalist main skill is RE? while ritualist focuses on totem > RE, whats the main skill for ritualist?

btw i always wanted to play EoR Archon, but is my first playthrough, without gears it be very hard right? threfore im making a farming character to farm for my 2nd char ( EoR) build