RPG mode

-One life
-Potions only from bosses
-Half more hp/resists/dmg on mobs.
-Preparing for certain combat takes a few minutes (auguments, tactics, etc)
-Not every class as powerfull as other. Ye, few biased heavly (due to world’s settings)

Would you play it?

No, I would not. Fail to see why making things more of a hassle would be enticing.

Thats why I mentioned bias over classes. Playing quite plenty of class combinations makes game quite of an easy, bet you alreay felt that way as some builds makes just too quice of a progress trough the content. On the wider sigh, its cool, since its a game, thats why it should be possible to play it in non resist way…

…but I am talking about making things harder ;]]] like 70% max resists cap, etc In this world you count not build a, full-time glass canon, becouse for certain areas, running such a toon would be close-to-impossible.

yayks, modding tools :smiley:

We could always have a SC version, but with hard life rules.

Add this:
-Every enemy has a screen-wide 99% life drain aura.
For a complete Arr Pee Ge experience.

Should be called masochism mode, would not touch with a ten foot pole.