Runefiltrators question

When it comes to Rune of Haggarad infiltrators, I’ve noticed there are two prevailing tendencies across the spectrum:

  1. CD focused: Some combination of Runebinder set and Fire and Ice rings (or other) aiming at maxing Artifact Handling

  2. Conversion focused: Some combination of Silver Sentinel pieces and Alkamos rings aiming at maximizing pierce to cold conversion

Now, I don’t wanna just go ahead and ask which is better but…ah…which is better? :smiley:

Or to break it down: which approach has a higher DPS potential? Which leads to more tankiness/less kiting? For crucible, which is less dependant on the banner? Etc. All comments/insights welcome

I’m leaning towards runebinder. I like setups that have more +1 to all skills in [class] so there’s that. But more importantly, maxing artifact handling seems more important for me than pierce>cold conversion. Also, runebinder has +dmg to rune mod, which is very important for damage. The downside with runebinder is that it’s hard to cap rune without badge of mastery/Mi medal with +rune affix (i.e. you have to be really lucky to cap it legit), since you wanna use crescent moons instead of the bow. Both setups can be built tanky tho, so there’s no competition in this part.

So: gdstashed runebinder +2crescent > full runebinder > non gdstashed runebinder+ 2 crescent = silver sentinel

That’s just pure theory tho. I haven’t played silver sentinel that much

From what I learn from building rune tactician and mage Hunter, Pierce conversion yield better result than fully overcapped 26/16 RoH. Both compared with fully overcapped artifact handling.

At least you want to use hagarrad gloves + luminari medal or cinderplate belt. Alkamos ring is optional.

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Well, if you overcap artifact handling while still maintaining 100% pierce>cold conversion then it should be superior to what runebinder can offer. But the problem is you can’t do that as infiltrator. To overcap artifact handling you’ll need 2 ice and fire rings, meaning you can’t reach 100% pierce to cold without alkamos. Converting pierce to elemental/fire isn’t really what you want cause nightblade is better with pierce than fire.

For crucible clearing Runebinder+2CM > Silver sentinel +2CM > full binder.(hm, spellbinder clear in 6 minutes, runebinder clear in 6 minutes, there must be something common about them)

Now try with witch moon + full pierce conversion

Then you get low chillsurge and artifact handling.

20 flat dmg don’t matter when you wipe the wave with 3 runes. I didn’t check, but non-myph tome of arcane can outperform second crescent moon cause you can drop your runes faster. Can compensate for lost dmg with extra racial modifiers.

how about Tome of names? for the RR proc

not worth it considering 130 RR of build.

so the extra 20 rr not worth it? thanks

18 and you need to crit first to make it work, you loose 1 rank in night chill and censure, you also loose a lot of points here and there so no, its not worth . :eek:

Here’s my set-up :
I use legit gear*** not perfectly rolled gear***

I need to craft stoneplate boots with stonehide prefix but i haven’t been lucky yet!
Maybe I’d like to eventually get good rolled soleal-sect pants for more life-leach although i might have less hp unless i get a different suffixe.

I facetank Kuba with that set-up and I also once received a meteor from Aleksander in the face and survived quite nicely. High Da and overcapped resist, about 14kHP, 2k armor and some physical resist did the trick (i could potentially have 23% physical resist with my current gear if i rolled a good stoneplate boots with 4% physical resist).

My set-up is dualwield for more survivability. I also gave up a long time ago on Amarasta blade burst because OA isn’t madatory for damage on this build. I went for more defense instead. Giving up on amarasta blade burst also made the build more fluid gameplay wise (just my opinion though). Alongside Rune of Hagarrad I use Chillspikes as my spammable skill.

Regarding my statement yesterday that you can’t cap both artifact handling and pierce conversion - I was wrong, but to cap both you’ll need 2 items with interrogator prefix on either weapon or amulet (+3 artifact handling) which isn’t really achievable without gdstashing and you’ll need another monster green for rune capping on medal. I also tested one such setup (94% pierce to cold with full sentinel+grip+alkamos) and maxed artifact+hagarrad and my results was just similar to what you get with runebinder+crescent moon. I guess Ptiro’s right that increasing rune damage by much isn’t that important cause things die in one shot anyway.

Yes, I currently got better result by adding additional skills to cast between rune cool down.

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Quick question: do the procs from double crescents stack or not?

It should not be. But dual-wielding crescent moon make the procs easier to spread out, which is nice.

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I know buffs don’t stack (like multi of kings affixes) so debuffs shouldn’t either - bitch to test though.

Is it? I always thought multi battlecry from 2 or more “of Kings” suffix will stack. The Grimtools is wrong then…

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Debuff placers (think: curses) from the same skill never stack, regardless of skill level. Curse of Frailty, Moonglow, etc. In multiplayer, this means having two Occultists with maxed curse doesn’t do anything for you. In singleplayer, this means equipping 2x Ring of the Black Matriarch unfortunately doesn’t increase your physical damage output. I don’t know how the game handles prioritizing multiple of the same skill, but I would assume the newest one gets priority.

This mostly depends on how the skill is set in the database. If the regular item has level 1 of the skill, the empowered version level 2, and the mythical version level 3, it’s all still the same skill, and will thus not stack. It should stack fully if higher level versions get a new database entry for some reason, but I also don’t think this has ever been the case.

Temporary item buffs, even if they’re the identical skill (think: 2 items with a level 94 ‘of Insight’ suffix), fully stack with one another (if their activations happen to randomly overlap).
Permanent item buffs only stack conditionally? I know auras don’t stack in multiplayer. Shard of Asterkarn’s damaging aura doesn’t stack either. 2x weapon component auras however, fully stack.
Skill buffs in multiplayer, such as Blood of Dreeg, don’t stack. I believe you still get the heal from it. I don’t know whether the game prioritizes the higher skill level, but I’d assume so. (I don’t know what happens if player 1 maxed Blood of Dreeg and 1 Aspect of the Guardian, and player 2 has 1 in Blood and maxed Aspect.)