S&B physical BA needs more love (steroids)


Tried S&B Blade arc with buffed greens & Bloodrager GRIMTOOLS
Input: ~3600% physical dmg, ~2300% bleeding dmg, 3200+ OA, max AS, 69% phys res., 3300 armor, used high-rolled stuff + double rare weapon
Output:: 6+ min CR in best conditions & could easy die
Conclusion: 1h BA needs much more flat damage to be viable, like 200+ both on this Axe and Shield

Commentary: The best way to use given flat damage is collecting as much physical damage %/OA/Crit as possible, and I’ve done it. BA tooltip is lesser than 50k even with all procs, this is too low. Defensive stats like 69% phys res, 3300 armor, OKish DA and 16%BA lifeleech really do nothing in low damage conditions. I have items with such affixes on my legit account, but used GDstached highrolled stuff just to show how much it sucks and on legit situations is just awful. Guess Targo’s position isn’t better.
Buff pls.

Death at 6.11 in cruci:


1h Blade Arc needs more innate power in the skill tree, which 2h can’t abuse that well, like e.g. more flat physical damage on laceration imo.


I wish there was a 1h-only transmuter like in FS.

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This. I’ve wanted to make a modded set for BA for a while but it really needs a weapon-specific transmuter to keep things from going awry. I tried my hand at a few designs and they all wound up like what we’ve got (Spellscourge, etc.) or enabling something too potent to allow off-build intentions.


Seeing 69% physical resist, there is some old 50% hard cap in my head (like 80% for other resists). But that does not seem to be the (anymore), right?

Don’t believe it ever capped at 50%. The max i have gotten is 76% phys res (acid grasping vines retal Conjurer).

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Why do you have only 4% life steal? Shouldn’t it be somewhere around 16%?
Why didn’t you max overguard?
Why is your block recovery so low?

the 50% hard cap on physical resist that I know is from diablo 2

I’m curious where I got this idea from. Google resulted at least in someone mentioning the same cap three years ago.

But I don’t think I read this before, since I’m not active on reddit.

Axe and Shield have mods for LL

Why do you think if full DPS spec is 6+ min trash I should expect nice results from defensive spec?

UPDATE: sorry, cant upload video, but in latest patch still feeble 5.50 build

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