Saboteur build help

Pretty new to GD and chose saboteur and recently got to ultimate. A nex dropped around level 90 so I can’t use it yet, but decided I would try to get this set when i finally hit end game. I looked through the build compendium and didn’t see any builds utilizing them and google only gives builds from 2016, so asking for help here :o

I can’t comment on how good it is but here’s a cold saboteur I made in grim tools while I was bored

RIP pierce resists :slight_smile:

This is the one i´m playing atm, works good:

Just looked up those items and the rings look really hard to get :frowning: But I’ll give it a try when I can get some more levels and gear but thanks!

farm Alkamos for 2 weeks and you have them :slight_smile:

I will try the challenge dungeons once I hit 100 :slight_smile: Hope not for 2weeks though haha.

Blue Alkamos for life!You will need less than two weeks to get them:DCold Sabo was hit by elemental harmony rings Nerf and loss of armor from Temper doesn’t help,but I think with Rimetounge is still decent.

Well what is good about the purpels is that you have dmg reduction on their proc, but now when you can get movement augments with that property too, perhaps purple Alkamos will become less used?