Salutanichiwa! Another from the Kickstarter comments here

Hey all, Joel with the viking sandwich avatar here. Just popping in to do the neighborly thing before heading over to the rest of the forums and asking for a cup of sugar


Hey and welcome to the forums!

suger is scare around these parts, due to the number of members we have here, we do have a substitute for sugar and milk (we ran out of that ages ago) :smiley:

don’t ask what the substitutes are mind, if you know what’s good for you :smiley:

so it might be better to bring our own, but don’t expect it to last, as people may try to acquire the stuff, we been meaning too get some more in, but its not easy with so many members :smiley:

but seriously hi and welcome and enjoy your stay on the forums

Hi Joel. Really liked to see that picture of Viking with sandwich!

Hi and welcome.


Hey Crayotic,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

Hey Joel, welcome aboard.