Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer

Do you know what it feels like to be hugged to death by Shrubbery?

Crate of Entertainment knows!

And so, as of this moment there is not a single enemy or content ingame that the Lupus cannot beat image

Also, had some extra points in Spirit in the GT link (and ingame). Fixed it in the GT, but screenshots will show some unnecessary points in Spirit. You only need 652 thanks to Crane devotion.

Nice job. :smile:

Will add it to my approved bleeding builds. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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How is this build vs Moose? A few patches ago @Theuberelite was experimenting with different versions of this build. One big problem was the crystals being immune to bleed. Has this been addressed and are there any other bosses or things to be aware of while playing this build?

Thank you for an updated version.

I never focus Moosi’s Crystals and just go straight for him. He has never given me any troubles in any of my builds and this one is no exception.

And I haven’t came across anything in particular that I found too hard or dangerous. That said, getting the likes of Kuba, Grava, Slathasaar etc in high SR shards will require some micromanagement compared to Double Familiar Conjurer.

I see. I recall chain-freezing happening a lot without hoarfrost ointments in use. Those crystals just shotgun freeze projectiles in novas until Moose is dead or the crystals are dead. If you can focus-fire him down quickly it’s not too bad but if you have to kite a little bit in a shattered realm boss room it could start to get tricky.

They become easier to handle once you spend a bit of time with Crate of Entertainment Superboss :stuck_out_tongue:
(He summons non-stationary Pets that do the same thing as Crystals but with fire projectiles that 1 shot you and if you kill a pet, they multiply like Kubacabra)

Btw, if you or anyone else for that matter are interested in more Mogdrogen devo based builds, there is also this: Pet Conjurer - Moggy the Puppy!

It was made Pre FG and hasn’t really been updated, but I can do so on request if there is enough demand :yum:

Another incredible build mate! Haven’t been on for a while - can’t wait to try it out!! Totally adore pet builds in GD! :smile:

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Added a Green MI version with +435% Pet HP just incase anyone feels that pets die too fast or have too little HP

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The main problem for Moosi for me was also because I was stuck in small arena hell at 55-60 SR, once I got out of that Moosi was much easier. Primal Spirit is also freeze immune, which helps, and there’s more freeze resistance available to the pets now in 1.1.4.

My question is, is vitality damage not an issue on the normal setup? I always found low pet vit res was really annoying against some of the vitality damage dealers, especially since the RR seems to just be everywhere.

Didn’t really have any problem from anything that wasn’t Callagadra tbh.

SR was a breeze and Crucible with Blessings & Banner didn’t give any troubles either. Do note that all my SR testing was 75+. So can’t speak for lower floors.

Genius build yet again Maya - well done mate!!! Can’t wait to get it sorted and rock GD! :wink:

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So this build, with optimal gesr and Blood of Dreeg up… has 55% Physical Resistance. This toon is basically TWICE as tanky as my Retaliation Warlord in terms of Physical resistance. And I still managed to kill him with Alkamos just because I got lazy piloting. Amazing build to be frank, even the pets arw tanky as hell.

P.S. wanted to ask you this @Maya, are Constellations attachdd to pets not benefiting the 100% XP from the XP pots? I swear I farmed like 10 dungeons and my Devotions are not leveling fast at all. 12/15 on the main ones like Mog. Also how much more power will my beasies get? What is the realistic increase from 12/15 to 15/15 on Oleron or Mogdrogen?

If you like the Physical resistance on this one, you should check out the Lazy birb version of The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer :stuck_out_tongue:

But Mog cannot be attached to pets though :thinking:
And can’t say I have noticed a difference in exp gained when attached to pets vs player. But I can’t say for sure about how the mechanics behind it works with XP pots. You might have to contact Zantai about that.

And um, I don’t really have the numbers on the stats of devotion procs per level, so can’t really say. But if I had to guess, like 20% maybe.

Let me explain a bit of what I meant. I wanted a rough estimate of damage increase I can expect with max Devotions.
Mog is attached to Curse of Frailty but gives a direct bonus to Pets. So I was not very clear but the result is the same. I am missing out on the top 3 damage devotions atm.
My Grim Internals registered 660k on average as top DPS for pets. They do not feel like it’s a lot atm. So this is why I was curious. If what you say holds, it means close to 800k top end DPS with full Devotions. That is actually quite good.

I mean, Mog is still attached to a player skill instead of a Pet to Proc. So if it also feels slow to level up with XP pots, then it has nothing to do with pets.

Whether a devotion is pet based or player based shouldn’t matter.

And the 20% increase was based on the assumption that the devotions scale linearly and you know, 20% of 15 is 3 and you have 3 more levels to go.

But it won’t be a 20% increase in total DPS, but a 20% increase in the power of those particular devotions.

Between this and will o wisp, what is the more offensive build?

They should both be similar interms of offense.

Thank you for the fast reply and thank you for all of your work! I really love pet build and all of your pet build is good and fun to play.

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