A little unclear on the charge bonuses.

Says bonuses increase with charges, 30%,…,100%, but watching the sheet while hitting the training dummy I only see a flat increase on the first hit but nothing happens for the remaining 5 hits as the charges increase. What is that 30% to 100% bonus supposed to apply too?

The charge bonuses affect the flat Lightning and Bleeding damage and the % Weapon Damage of the base Savagery skill.

It shows damage for max charge.

Just so you know, the +% lightning, +% bleeding and +%physical bonuses apply globally when savagery is active. But the flat damage bonuses listed do not and only apply to Savagery itself.

Still a little fuzzy.

So (for skill level 1) its 4 bleed over time + {30,50…100%}?


130% weapon damage and 6 bleed at charge level 2
200% weapon damage and 8 bleed at charge level 6?

and the 8% bleed and 8% lightning are flat and do not increase?

Problem is I see Lightning damage increase once on first attack, charge level 1, but there is no further increase with charge level 2, 3, 4.

If the 30%, 50%…100% is applying to the lightning damage I should see
a 2 point Lightning damage increase at level 2.

Or rather, I see nothing happen anywhere on the damage sheet beyond the 1st charge level. Since the sheet is now showing damage output per skill I should at minimum (if that was all the damage I had) see increases in damage for savagry at level 2 and level 6.

I don’t mean to make it more confusing. Bottom line is nothing seems to happen to any output total after charge level 1.

After just one attack and only having one charge level?

Yes. But you must get last charge for using that shown sheet damage. Other bonuses (OA,DA,regen, phys. resist, attack speed) start working at the 1st charge. Your dps inscreses cause of attack speed from Storm touched.

No, it’ll be 30% of 4 Bleed Per Second, or 1.2 Bleed Per Second. Then 2.0 Bleed Per Second…and eventually 4 Bleed Per Second. It’s a multiplier, not an additional stat.

Sweet, thanks. So it is a percentage of the damage shown on the skill for each charge level up to 100% of the damage shown.

If they had made it start at 50% and wrote (0.1)(n+4)(4 bleed damage) it would have been transparent.