Save Games (Need help)

I have had some bad experiences with cloud saving in grim dawn. I try to delete characters and they keep coming back and then I make new characters and when I log back in, the characters I deleted are there and my new character vanishes.

Now, if I use local saves, what happens if I buy a new computer? I have to start over?

I always feel like my character is going to be deleted by accident. Maybe someone can tell me how to properly use cloud save? (I already tried turning off steam cloud but it has the same results)

you can xfer chars and stahes and learned blueprints etc

It just regular file transfers/backups. If you disable cloud save you have to take care of that yourself

If you buy a new pc you simply copy the \docs\my games\grim dawn folder to your new pc.

Regards Cloud saving, while it can wok well for some games, it can also be a right pain in the butt and lose data / chars. Your best plan is to keep using local saves and make a regular backup of your GD folder to either a usb stick or any other cloud saving, just not Steam’s cloud.