Saves for modded games?

Where the heck are my characters saves located for modded maps?

documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\user

Is there a reason why they aren’t in the separate mod folders? I don’t understand why they are all in one place…it’s an accident waiting to happen (starting wrong mod with wrong character).

Wasn’t designed to be that way. If playing different mods then make sure to name your characters so you know which one is in which mod, for example “Commando Grima” for Grimarillion.

personally i do it the other way “dom Violesta” so all my dom chars are together. & yes you can break a char going into the wrong mod with it. & its recommended you exit out of the game & come back in if switching mods.

No idea, if there is a reason other than ‘this is how TQ did it’, it is that depending on the mod, you can play the same char in different mods, eg one day you play Grimmest, the next one with better drop rates.

As long as they both just tweak vanilla, you can switch between them, the trouble really starts when they introduce new masteries (or items to a lesser degree), but even then you can switch to a different mod if it has all the same stuff, eg from D3 to Grimarillion.

So it is not set in stone that one char always has to be in one mod only, but it is your responsibility to figure out what other mod can work for the same char.