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I am trying to edit the “Eternal Haunt” skill of the mythical band of the eternal haunt using the Asset Manager, but, unlike how I successfully edit char skills and the change shows up in the game, I can’t get the change I make to the item skill to show up in game at all…
I don’t know what’s going wrong… Any help would be very appreciated, thank you!

I’m trying to change the -10% Aether resistance to -15%, and it seems that the Asset Manager has the change I have made saved, as it is -15% whenever I open the manager, but it doesn’t show it in the game. I have built the changes every time, but no luck…

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Are you playing custom campaign?..

Hello! I m playing grim dawn for a lot of years, so far i ve been playing more than 1500 hours. Since Crate announced the end of developement of it with delivery of patch 1.1.9, i decided to begin modding grim dawn. Unfortunately i dont have any skills of modding. I would like to download the tools posted at start of topic (link “ressources”) to try them. Sadly, not any of the links posted up there is available yet. Is there anyone who can help me with that? would be really amazing ! Also, I ve been working since several days on some Word files where i write the ideas of mods i have for GD. So far i imagine several things that could be added to GD, like a “parangon-like” engame system (inspired from diablo 3 between others), some new MIs, a system of legendary affixes that could appear on epic items, MI or normal rare items, overall for loot tables of nemesis troves, totems, roguelike dungeons troves, celestial, and some more ideas. I made a wetransfer link to what i ve wrote until yet. Would be really helpfull and appreciated if some people take the time to look after it, and give me their point on my ideas, and if you are a modder, i would really like to know if my projects are do-able compared to my level of skills in modding, meaning as near as 0 as the heart of Ch’ton himself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you if you answer me.

Here is the We Transfer Link: https://we.tl/t-8NyaixBWM6

Updated: https://we.tl/t-cRhNZiUykU

I humbly suggest this be added here, if not in the official Crate mod manual: when you start modding make sure you use the latest expansion .dbr files as your starting point (gdx2). If you use dbrs from the base game folders to make your own dbrs, they will be missing content added from the expansions.

thats cool.

i made an oopsie and used Installed Directory as my working directory how do i change it? do i reinstall or uninstall then reinstall the database?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to get into modding and thus followed this guide step by step. Everything seemed just fine but whenever I enter my map via custom game, all I get is a black screen plus UI. I’ve redone the procedure (part 1 and 2 of the guide) several times, unfortunately without fixing the issue. Any suggestions or hints will be appreciated! (if you need further information for proper troubleshooting, pls let me know, cause I just don’t know what this lacking info might be ^^)

found this forum post on the topic; sadly without working solution (at least for me): Accessing Custom Map gives a black screen with UI


Failed to open archive file …
Error 0xffffffff executing command: ‘archivetool.exe …

For me opening asset manager as administrator and removing read only from working directory helped.

do you still work on a third part? would be very cool.

I’m running into an issue here, I’ve set all my browse and source directories correctly, extracted game files, got everything running just fine. In AssetManager, when I go to import a db record everything shows up fine from the base game, expansion 1, and expansion 2. However, when I open up an item I’ve made and go to change what skill that item grants, I can’t pick any item skills from any of the expansions, only the base game. For example, the folder itemskillsgdx2 will not show up in the directory viewer but will show up if I want to import the record into my mod. Any ideas?

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Same on my end. Not sure what’s going on. I don’t remember this to ever be a problem. Maybe :crate: broke something.
But playerclass09 is visible and it’s Oathkeeper only in GDX2 :thinking:
@Serious_Stan Help

but it seems playerclass09 is also in the base dir:

$ find . -iname *playerclass*

and itemskillsgdx2 is not, only itemskillsgdx1:

$ find . -iname *itemskills*
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Same here, expansion classes and a few other things show up but none of the item skills.

I’m also now running into an issue where AssetManager won’t build my mods .arc file.

I’ve just done what I think I read someone doing which is copying & overwriting (but I cut & pasted for a change not to waste space) database & resources from working/mods/gdx1 and then from working/mods/gdx2 to working (imp. for gdx2 to be last).

Now itemskillsgx2 is visible so maybe try that :thinking:

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This worked, thank you!

Any ideas why asset manager won’t build my mods .arc file? The arz file built just fine.

Not sure, I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I remember reading about some problems with AM and unpacking .arc. Also found some message on Discord where someone was recommending to build arz in AssetManager and arcs with ArchiveTool for his mod, not related to this problem most probably though.

Until someone, for example @mamba or @Serious_Stan chimes in, you could try packing .arc manually with ArchiveTool, command can be found in Exporting Mod Sources - #20 by tqFan

Sometimes typing this command can be a pain in the ass, for example relative paths may not work and you may need to input full paths. I use these (linux command line so different slashes but there should be Windows one in the thread above)

./../ArchiveTool.exe Scripts.arc -add . scripts 9

/C/Program\ Files\ (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Grim\ Dawn/ArchiveTool.exe Scripts.arc -add . “C:\Users\MY_USERNAME\Desktop\scripts” 9

There can be many reason why AM is not creating the arc files.

I will assume you are creating new items here with new icons.
So first some sanity checks.

  • Have you placed your new textures / fx / texts ect in the Source folder of the mod?
  • for each file in the Source folder, have you right clicked on it to auto-create an asset?

You can build the arc files in one of these ways:

  • in AM you go Archive->build (to NOT be confused with Build->build)

  • Under the Assets tab in AM, you can right click on a selection of files and build

If none of these methods work, then maybe we get an error message and we have more information to work with.

There is essentially one reason, you do not have the corresponding asset files for what you want included in the .arc (or by extension, you do not have the source files altogether, but the compiled .tex files, at which point you will have to use AssetManager to add them to / create the .arc)

Thanks for the reply, I got this issue figured out.

But now I’m having an issue to where when I double click a record in AssetManager it says “Can’t find or execute DBREditor” even though my tools directory is set correctly.

Hello, thanks for the great tutorial !! I just have a simple question:

I created a simple mod to boost the skills from lvl 1 to 30 (5 each level instead of 3) only for testing purposes…but the thing is it seems to be applied only to the “vanilla” game and not the expansions (I have the full game exp etc), so I knew I was doing something wrong until I saw your tutorial, I was not using the aditional directories, so I went back and I did all from 0 again, and it should it was fine because the first time I loaded the playerslevels.dbr record the max level was 85, but now max level is 100, so in theory its reading the right record, but still I have problems with the blacksmith, I am missing a lot of components, runes are no working, etc.
For example, there are a few devotions shrines that needs “vengeful wraith” and I dont have the component on the list, and a lot more of components I am missing, so the question is, are there any other database records beside playerslevels.dbr I must edit ??
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english