Script on applying augment or component


I want to do a mod, but to do this I require a specific first step. I would like to, when an augmentation or component is applied to an item, run a script. A script, specifically.

Having looked into it, I suspect that this is impossible. There is not script support for “on apply to item”. Correct me if I am wrong, or if there is some way that I could feasibly do this, for example by overriding scripts in the core.

Thank you so much.

Player character has on add item event, maybe you can do something with that.

Sure. But what I want is to run a script when the player adds a component or augment to an item. For a standard enchant, the choices appear to be:

onInitialUpdate (?)

Latter 2 are odd, as they are DBR records. Maybe I should look at those to see if they are script extenders?