Search for build

hi dudes,

i search a build for arcanist / occultist in the build calculator.

If possible, i don t like to use weapon in close combat because i m too weak and i die to quickly.


How much experience with the game do you have and what are your goals?

i have a lv 25 inquistor necromancer in veteran mode, my goal is to have fun without to much pain to lv up.

Thx for the link but it s a little confuse i was hoping the samething in the calculator

All those builds have links to in them. It’s one of the requirements for having the build included in the compendium.

Go with Bloody box from the Occultist tree for leveling. Make sure you invest enough points in the mastery bar(s). In total about level x 2 until end of Normal/veteran.

Both occultist and arcanist are a bit squishy, so perhaps you want to invest some in Maviens protection sphere and Possession

The builds in the compendium are expensive end-game builds. Some of the contributions have a leveling up process described, but most of them do not