Second class for 2H ranged Shaman?

I just started a Shaman who’s wielding 2H ranged weapons making use of basically the Primal Strike tree.
Now I’m really wondering which second mastery to use.
Occultist would make a lot of sense I guess. CoF is crazy strong for both slowing down enemies and lowering their resistances.
Soldier would add quite some survivability but not much in a sense of damage or fun in general.
Demolitionist has quite a couple of useful support skills I guess.
Nightblade? No. Not at all, right?
Arcanist? While Maiven’s Sphere and some other utility skill would be nice, I’d say it’s the same issue as with Soldier. Added survivability, not a lot of extra fun.
And of course I’m also wondering which devotions to take. I’m currently theorycrafting on Grimcalc. :slight_smile:

This is my first very basic idea of devotions:

Occultist is definitely really good with primal strike shaman.

Dank Rafft:

Woah, they both look very impressive.
I’m especially thrilled by the second one since he’s using Bloody Pox - a skill I’ve always wanted to try but never have since it’s universally considered to be underwhelming.

I’ve tried a few routes with primal strike I think occultist is best because of curse but the OA/attack speed offered is nice too. Blood/aspect is fantastic too. Nightblade/soldier both suck ass. Arcanist gives you some good survivability options with maiven, mirror, nullify, 1 point OFF, and some nice stuff extra crit damage and a bit of converiosn but meh. Worst of the 3 viable options imo. I actually quite like PS elementalists don’t know why people don’t play it more, works well as ranged too

Bloody prox is very unwhelming he just 1 pointed it to proc a devotion :slight_smile:

Demolitionist’s flashbang is no longer spammable, so I would not take demo.

Occultist gives you an instant healing ability while your potion is on cooldown and CoF as you mentioned.

With CoF now can procs devotion, occultist is a very good option.

It’s Occultist then. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the input.