Second class for an Arcanist - need survivability.

Hello everyone! I need an advice.

I have a 56 lvl arcanist with maxed out “Mirror of smth” skill and a bunch of auras. I use the missile and have around 3.3k dps, i finished the game on veteran with nothing very too hard, finished SoT also which was a little harder, but still okay. But the problem is that i can’t finish the Bastion of Chaos because I die in the first death room - heroes/bosses I can handle, but when I start to run around to heal, these things come out from the ground and kill me in few secs, because a few hits from the heroes takes away my half hp - i have 3k hp. What class should I choose to get more hp or some other way to survive ? I was thinking about warrior and investing in the skill that gives % health and strength, so when maxed out I would have around 4.5k hp and with some items I can get it to 5k. Would it help or maybe you guys have some other advice ? Thank you.

P.S. Unfortunately can’t post any screens, because i’m at work right now. - my grimcalc from memory.

Try your devotion with % hp and resistance. You will need your resistance to 60-80% to be able to survive Ultimate. For second class , there are plenty of classes that can make arcanist survive and strong. Pick shaman if u want to be druid and use spell. Pick night blade if u want melee. Pick occultist if you want life steal and damage.

I personally pick shaman because i want to use meteor and beam all day. I can face tank (90%) almost everyboss and nemesis in ultimate. Good luck

Assuming you want to stay PRM I’d go with Shaman (druid) You can get a lot of health from the passive and picking up wind devil with raging tempest (1 pt wind devil, 12/12 raging tempest) will let you have a non-weapon damage way to pierce resists…unless you’d prefer to use Broken Crown devotion for that.

Oh and maxing out mirror isn’t such a great idea, the returns per point are rather lackluster. If you toss up a Grimcalc link we can go over it more in depth and help (don’t forget to include devotions, and a pick of your stats/resists on char sheet 1 can be helpful too)

I think I want to remain at spell caster, so i’ll go with shaman like you recommend. Could you elaborate please which skills I should pick up just for survivavility, because mainly I still want to use Arcanist’s skills ?

Thank your for your input. I’ll do the grimcalc when i’m home. Also what does PRM mean ?

Panetti’s Replicating Missle

I assume that is what you mean by ‘the missile’

Okay now that we have some specifics… a build emerges

Level 55 (you should be able to spec into this ASAP)

Level 85

Those are just some rough guidelines and will likely see tweaking as needed when you get +skills. For example I wouldn’t so much level Olexra’s Flash freeze beyond 12/12, and Inner Fire I’d round to the nearest OA granting rank so may have 11/12 or 12/12 final rank depending. You may also like Grasping Vines + its modifier instead of just dumping tons of points into shaman for extra health / physique. Also remember to invest heavily into physique with stat points! I seriously invest all or at least most (70+) stat points into physique on my casters and never regret it…

I would probably go with something along these lines (sorcerer):

Thank you very much for that! 40% to health from that passive is op :smiley: Didn’t see that.

Yes, i meant that PRM :slight_smile:

When i’ll post my grimcalc maybe it will be cleared what’s i’m doing wrong and what skill points I should change.

From the points perspective I think i’m done, because I have around 900 spirit and around 300 strength :slight_smile: Probably did a stupid thing with that.

You shouldnt max it first, but in Ultimate, it’s actually very helpful. Usually, properly built character will have excess DPS anyway, but lacking survivability. And trading 10% DPS for 20% damage absorb is actually a great trade-off there. - I updated the post with my grimcalc from my memory. What should I do guys ?