Select a villager to employ UI doesn't include those of same profession

Case in point. I have more hunting cabins and foraging cabins then I do people to fill them thanks to the sudden 7 man requirement for large farms. I want to be able to move them around from one building to another when resources dry up around the first. Selecting the second building, you click on the unassigned portrait and get this UI to select who should work there. I want a hunter who is already equipped and ready to go and I have already found one to learn his name. I can’t find a single hunter profession in the list.

Expected result:
People already equipped and qualified (in the case of education requirements) should be able to be pulled from one building and assigned to another with this UI.

Moved to Ideas and Feedback? Are you telling me this bug is actually a feature?

Seems like the original idea is you wouldn’t want to remove someone already employed in the position you’re trying to fill, and it’s feedback because you want to enable moving someone from the same profession to a different building.

Well, then I think being able to assign both housing and which building they work out of is kind of important to ensure the quickest routes to work or shelter.

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Agreed. I’d love to be able to assign housing, at least, since you can simply house them close to their work

I have also discovered by watching closely the inhabitants of each house, that two things do occur with respect to housing allocation:

  1. People occasionally switch houses for some reason.
  2. Children may live in a house with no grownups.

With #2, I had a house with an 8 year old, and 3 infants. This may not be unheard of if say the parents had four kids, but all the adults were away working so who takes care of the kids? Should there be a preschool profession, or a child care profession?

Aside from housing allocation, children do age faster than adults. While adults and adolescents age one year every game year, children can age 1 to 3 years inconsistently. I mentioned this in another post under feedback.

I didn’t know that!

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