Select Villager Screen - Want this ALL THE TIME

Would love it if this particular screen would pop up every time I want to fill an unfilled worker slot. Or at least give me the option to use it every time, instead of randomly filling it with whoever is available.

This screen would greatly improve logistics ie. less travel time, closer to shelters, who has education etc. As of right now it only appears when I have no labourers available and I have to steal a worker from another building. THIS IS A GREAT SCREEN! Want it all the time.


Can’t say I want that every time. It would be great to have a way to easily access it at any time you want it, but I don’t want to have to manually select a worker every single time I create a new job.

Like a little button beside the empty slot that says “pick worker”. You can click on the big + for random or the little button for your own choice.

Yeah, it gets almost impossible to bring that up in some of my cities. I have 90+ laborers, so unless I just made 15+ mines to stick them all in temporarily I can’t even get to that screen.

It would be nice if clicking the plus sign added a worker but clicking the portrait accessed this panel. I love this panel so much.

Basically, we all just want to be able to choose who fills a position should we desire to do so. I agree and wouldn’t want to select a worker every time, but would like the option to do so if I really wanted to. Not too picky on how Crate implements it.

Some of my workers live so far away from their workplace, and stocking their shelters takes forever and interrupts the workflow. The temporary shelters work, but sometimes they are all full :laughing: So, I’d also like to add that it would be nice if the commute column be the distance from their shelters to the workplace. It’s currently the distance from wherever they are on the map to the workplace.


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