Self Found: I want to reset my blacksmith when starting a character

In the character creation screen, add a new option, call it Self Found(SF). Characters with this option should have no access to blueprints from other characters. They would need to find their own blueprints as they progress through the game. Normal characters should have access to SF blueprints, but not the other way around.

I’m think SF characters having access to the shared stash is fine.

I recently started my first hardcore character, and finding all the low level blueprints again was really exciting.


you can easily do this already
just go into your save file and remove your blueprint file when playing SSF
ofc if you want to keep it for other non SSF characters you just move it to a backup folder instead of deleting it

formulas.gst for softcore, formulas.gsh for hardcore

Or rename it, i.e. formulas.gst_Pierce_Pox

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ye sure, renaming, moving, all works
also, why pierce pox and not formulas.gst_Full_nonSSF ?:thinking:

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I had no idea. Guess I’ll give it a try. Still think SSF should be an official feature of the game that you can access without having to delete game files. And it seems like it would be easy to implement. Just have each character write their own blueprint file.


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