[Semantics] Master Ravok

According to the game Master Ravok (Fort Haron) is female, so it should be Mistress Ravok instead.

I’m not a native English speaker, but I think in this context it’s still be used as a Master as it dictates her role, ability, or skill. Instead of Mistress which is more of a social title, slave owner, or cheating partner.

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Indeed - the title “Master” in English doesn’t necessarily denote gender (tho some might see it that way since it is often males that would carry the title). In this case I am fairly sure it is intended as a sign of skill of some sort ie. a Kung-Fu Master.

A Mistress is usually some dudes side chick that he’s hitting on the low.

It has various meanings but chiefly among them are references to someone being a head or teacher of some craft or if an individual having mastered their craft. Also it can reference a head of household.

Yea it does have some male connotations but depending on the circumstances it can be fluid. I can imagine that for non-English speakers alot of English words can drive them nuts that often-times words can mean many different things (or genders), especially for languages that are very gender-based.

yeah, she doesn’t want to be a mistress… unless she was actually leading a strange cult obsessed with rituals about death and all dressed up in the same fancy nightgear :thinking:

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Well it escalated quickly

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