sentimental conjourer

i have a level 62 conjourer almost at cronley on elite
this was my 1st char and the furthest ive ever gottoen as im always making new characters and combinations in vanilla and various mods
when i started i like the idea of conjourer and had pets and totems and as my experience with the game grew i kept coming back to this character and fiddling with it and ive gotten to like the idea of mellee and bloody pox
i havnt really got any special gear and i think ive ballsed it up fiddling to much as it seems to have gotten harder after several respecs and what not
i think i am at 40 mastery for occultist and 50 for shamen
any ideas on how to ‘sort it out’ as it where would be great

I theorycrafted this few weeks ago in a similiar thread. It’s a rough draft and some items can be changed and I am guessing constelations could be better but you get the idea.

This is my version of Superfluff’s Doombolt Conjurer - extremely powerful caster build, I am playing it right now, it’s fun and it can beat Crucible Gladiator (and just desintegrates Vanilla)