Sentinel Build Help

I made a mess. Not going to sugar coat it. I combined several different builds (Valinov, Nery, Mad Lee and probably forgetting a bunch of others into something that seemed fun to me.

I would love if someone much more experienced could take a look and tweak where necessary.

I know I didn’t put components or augments onto my gear. I’m mainly looking for devotion and any gear change recommendations.

Even if this is doomed I will probably still play it.

Thanks for any help I get.

first it would help if you figured out/decided what the build was supposed to be at all
you have 3 spamable skills, this is “less” than ideal, even if we ignore the horrendous attack/cast speed on top
also not really sure why you even wanna mix in Righteous Fervor there at all
for devos i’d recommend just going regular yugol+tainted erupts
for gear, would be somewhat impossible to recommend without knowing what the aim/build is even supposed to be