Seriously, reduction to Enemy's health damage type need massive buff

It’s have no effect to purple bosses and higher. Also there is no supporting gears and constellations. Buff please.

That’s not going to happen.


Ooh, imagine multiple playstyles being viable, but to different extent on different content. The horror!

Doesn’t lowering monster vitality resistance help with this?

%reduction to enemy health damage type are meant to be used as near-instant mob destroyer. not instant boss destroyer.

This way leads to killing the Hydra in three seconds, do you want that? :wink:

Yeah, man, the Boromonokli mod is going to be Amazeballs!

If I have learned anything from Bethesda, it is to never under estimate the skill of modders.

It does nothing because bosses have really high or outright immunity to life reduction. There’s also no way to lower the life reduction resistance, so if a boss has 100% of that stat, no amount of vitality resistance reduction will help.

Good idea. I forgot about boss crushing blow resist on my first pass.

If we aren’t going to get a buff to % reduction dmg itself, why not transfer some of that damage to flat damage? E.g. execution and doom bolt could get more flat cold/chaos dmg instead of % reduction, to make them more effective as boss nukes.

I guess it makes sense in the current facetank dawn. However the whole point of %LR is that it is stronger against bosses but weaker against regular mobs. Flat damage will just turbocharge it against regulars across the roof.

Right now it is the opposite though. Flat damage is stronger against bosses and % reduction stronger against trash mobs. :eek:

Execution hardly needs help nuking bosses.