Ok people my problem is that i can’t find the right shader for my custom roof it shows up in game but it doesn’t disappear when i go underneath it any help with the correct .ssh file would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the shader. Has been a long time, but I remember changing the template made it work.
From what I know and assuming GD isn’t doing it any different, the game checks if a certain entity class is between camera and player character and changing the material/texture to a transparent one.

you can try the template I was using (in AM):

or if you are a notepad/text editor user:

or maybe just allowing transparency is going to do the trick:
allowTransparency,1, (true in AM)
maxTransparency,1.0, (guessing that is part of it as well)

if you do want to try the shader first, I was using:

but that’s just the regular static mesh shader allowing it to have the glow/emissive effect.

literally went through my old mod repo in github, hopefully got the right file :rolleyes:

I* do not have that template and already tried 30 different ways in AM

ok found it in AM not sure how to use it

Ram showed me how to swap and that just crashes the game so back to the drawing board.