Shaman-focused Ranged Primal Strike

I would like to build a Ranged Primal Strike character that is mostly focused on the Shaman side in terms of points and skills used. I love alts and my characters range from level 10-65 at the moment. I am not really interested in fast clear times or Crucible performance, just being generally effective in Ultimate (if I ever get there).

I have a Conjuror and a Warder in the 60s that I could retool, but I also would be interested in starting from scratch with Demo or Arcanist as a secondary. I have researched the forums and found some different builds, but was looking for some general comments and advice about the benefits/drawbacks of the different secondaries. Thanks!

Personally, the main issue I found with this build is fairly bad single target DPS. I hear full ultos set solves that issue, but what issues doesn’t full ultos set solve?

If you can find Will of Fate/Empowered Will of Fate/Vortex of Souls, your casual campaign experience is going to be a lulzatron, otherwise, not much to it. Put on enough Ectoplasms to not run out of energy, click things.

I made a ranged PS Elementalist, but didn’t find any specific builds to follow. I looked through other 2h ranged builds that have come out recently to get ideas, but not sure how to use that info to my advantage.

I decided to branch off from a melee PS Elementalist. I was hoping for some general advice on molding this melee into a ranged, both in terms of skills and devotions. This is my first ranged character, so all input is appreciated. I already have two Sorcerers and too many Occultists, so I wish to stay with an Elementalist for this one. Thanks!

edit: added link to build

Its not elementalist but you can find elementalist version of it inside

This ^^

I have a hybrid Primal Strike Druid…using ranged for clearing, and switching to Ultos weapon for bosses because it does so much more single target dps.

Fast clear times may not be your requirement, but nevertheless, Primal Strike with Vortex of Souls (if you can get hold of one) is extremely efficient at clearing groups of mobs.

It’s also a pretty strong build against bosses, quite tanky, even with mostly offensive devotions. I haven’t played it for a long time so I just did a quick Cronley / Fabius run to remind myself how it played and both bosses were just tank and spank.

Obviously that’s with end-game gear (full Ultos etc.), but as I recall it was fun to level with average gear too.

This is the build I’m using if you’re interested: (with Vortex equipped, +2 to Arcanist)

I don’t remember if it was based on a thread on the forums though, or whether I just winged it :rolleyes:

I was playing around with PS recently and noticed that Torrent doesn’t affect single targets anymore. Did anyone else notice that?

Thanks for all of the info, I killed the Warden last night and it wasn’t too bad. No danger to my life, but it took quite a bit of time to wear him down. I will keep going and see what happens. But since I have altoholism, I will probably get distracted by something else soon. Thanks!