Shared stash increase

See Ceno’s quote from Medierra.

Thank you for the quote, Ceno! Minus one mystery.

Great. Instead of making tools to search and arrange the stash, they decided to limit its size.

The truth is that these tools are extremely required with even the current size. Surprise?

The amount of items a player can store is unlimited because of “mules”. Limited stash just makes the process inconvenient.

The process of comparing stats of duplicates is not the best part of the game (boring). Instead of doing it when I need a specific item for the current character, I have to do it with every item as soon as I pick it. As I don’t know what the next build I want to play is, selling rare items becomes an unpleasant gamble.

Conclusion: medierra’s idea is understandable as it is the easiest solution, but from player’s point of view it is terrible; and even this idea was not implemented correctly/fully because it would require the removal of the character’s personal stash and inventory with the direct access to the common stash instead of inventory.

No… From YOUR point of view as a player it’s terrible, but please don’t think you speak for all players. For me, I fully agree with Medierra’s point of view and having had massive stash before (PoE), it used to piss the living hell out of me and put me off even playing as if I did go to my stash I spent more time trying to sort out what I had in there and why I was keeping what I had than I did ever playing the game after a while.

Having a fun run through an area, inv full, portal to town and because I have a massive stash it’s easier and quicker to simply dump everything in a spare page and get back to killing and having fun… Then it’s the “Oh ^&% I’ve got to sort through all this crap in my stash again”

I actually don’t want any more of stash space. I think it’s not needed at all. You don’t like to use third party programs? Okay, make few additional characters and store your items there. Just like I do. Yes, you’ll have to spend some time to move them, but it’s better than having 200 pages and then forgetting where I put my Krieg hat and wasting 30 mins on searching for it. Just my point of view.

Please read carefully. Your objections are solved with the search/arrange tools I am talking about. Don’t decontextualize :).

It would be easier if these 5 pages were a part of your shared stash, isn’t it?

Even in this scenario (without proper tools), you can choose when to deal with all this crap. In the current state of GD, you are forced to be distracted from the current activities whenever your inventory is full, every time recalling which items may be useful for your current character, other characters, potential new characters.

Which involves player self control and I know for a fact that regardless of the problems further down the line with a massive stash, for me, it ends up a massive pile of crap.

This is I think the main problem with people that want, and can happily manage, a massive / unlimited storage, they cannot understand / grasp that it simply doesn’t work for everyone, as not everyone has the self control to not keep everything “just in case it comes in handy” and that without a limited stash space, it will become a complete mess that does put people off from playing.

Basically… Yes it might be wonderful for YOU, but it doesn’t suit everyone and can result in putting players off over time as their stash become more and more filled with possibly useful crap. :wink:

Another problem with infinite stash can be when you use mods. For example in TQIT/AER I play the Legion of Champions mod which has a lot of different/altered items from the base game. So my TQVault not only has vaults for the base game stuff, but also separate duplicate named ones for LoC so I can keep those items separate to help find them more easily. And then there’s another Vault that’s just collecting the new Ragnarök expansion items.

Just because you don’t like to play with a large amount of storage space doesn’t mean you get to speak for everyone how playing with a large amount of storage will affect their game play.

Nowhere in my post did I say infinite storage. I said increasing tabs with a system that could give you as many tabs as you could split stacks of an item. Ctrl-Click. Far from infinite storage space. I put the 1-999 for those who want huge extra space, but even that is not infinite.

Tell us again how you know best how to play GD or any other game with a large amount of storage space. Just because you find it difficult to play with large storage space or do not like it does not mean that will apply to all players. :wink:

Well if they charged it as a DLC for more storage, those who don’t like or want it don’t have to purchase it. Even if they gave us 20-99 total tabs of shared storage, if you don’t like having that extra storage you don’t have to use it. :smiley:

And i bet he will be one of the first people to buy that DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, selling storage spaces when you can use mods to do the same for free. Totally won’t make Crate look bad. :rolleyes:

POE can sell storage spaces because it has no mods and the game is free to play. So they have to make money with microtransactions.

Pretty sure on the day that Crate has decided to sell storage space as DLC’S, there will be hundreds of posts in the forum condemning Crate for being greedy and lazy at the same time.

I do also hope that Crate can give us a lot more stash space, but I understand where Crate is coming from, so I’ll advocate their philosophy because I am actually using GDIA myself, and am very grateful for that program so it doesn’t really bother me that much. However, it does leave me a bit of regret that I have to use a 3rd party program.

Pretty much this. Crate has spent the past 8+ years building up a community that stops in to write in the Misadventures and news announcements on Steam and tell 'em how much they love em. All that will be gone in about 0.1 seconds the moment Crate releases a “stash dlc” for money in their offline, fully moddable game that has several infinite stash tools freely available.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see how Zantai and company would die alone and broke on the street after that fateful decision.


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Thank you for such a perfect quote, see how it applies BOTH ways, especially when as stated this is my personal view of my playing and not once have I claimed that I speak for ANYONE ELSE other than myself. Twisting people comments so that you can attempt to run them down, really is most spectacular when it fails so obviously.:wink:

This is just amazing. You prove my point and shoot yourself in the foot with every comment you make as I specifically stated that this was my PERSONAL VIEW ONLY. You are the one claiming that your view is the one for everyone else. :smiley:

If even that long :stuck_out_tongue:

no mods can give you more storage stash tabs. Only make the panels a bit bigger.

Personally I don’t need more space, but would go nuts over a way to manage what I currently have. Oh how sweet it would be to filter by level or to find-out how many copies I have of a particular item across toons.

Pretty sure mods can add stash tabs, unless someone can prove me wrong. And even then, there’s already programs with infinite stashes.

Starting to sell stash tabs would probably be the absolute worst thing Crate could do, besides making the game online only and adding overpriced microtransactions.

he is talking about tools like Item Assistant and GD Stash, which technically are not mods.

I am not aware of any mod that does that.

For it to be possible, the file format would need to be flexible enough to store the extra pages based on however you defined them (or you would need to be able to add mod stuff in there) and you would need to change the UI to show the additional pages. As no mod has done that yet, I assume it is impossible.

Not sure if that is proof enough though :wink:

Uh, i could have sworn someone made a mod that did that or something similar. Maybe i’m mixing it up with GDStash and GDIA.

But like i said, selling stash space when those two programs exist is the worst thing Crate can do for costumer trust.

I would appreciate a bunch of QoL features like that more than an entire new act :D.