Shatter Realm ( Grava Thul)

Hi , I really enjoy your game . I dont enjoy your broken Grava Thul . Mechanic is so broken . Debuffs + full enitre energy leach + 347597 mixed dmg and all this withoud any cd’s ? And he run with 6-7 bosses as soon as you enter the teleport . Its not even playble for fighters . I am playing kind of tanky warlord and all the time i get debuff and oneshoted . I cant even stop at once play to put my buffs again and as soon as i do i get debuffed again in 0.001 second and all my potions buffs are gone .I cant even describe how stupid and broken scripted is Grava Thul . And i get it every shard above 70 . This is ridicolous. Do you play to do any future updates where make this a bit more playble or its must be unplayble ?

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His nullify is one of the easiest skills to dodge. I personally played SR and every time I got Grava I’ve beat him no problem. Died to him only once because I just fucked up.

grava is still the nemesis that i fear above all others. It’s not just his nullify, he hits insanely hard and his chaos fumble aoe has an extremely short cooldown, he basically spams it. Personally I think enemy nullify is the dumbest mechanic in the game and the laziest and most unenjoyable way to challenge the player, im yet to speak to someone who actually thinks that implementing it the way it is was a good idea. But im sure there are some masochists on the forums who think its fantastic.

It’s not just the nullify but the absurd damage that he does with it. If i get nullified on higher shards I find I always have to pop an aether cluster straight after or I am almost always instantly killed, and that is on a fairly tanky toon.


Frankly Grava’s nullify is quite weak. Be happy it’s a projectile you can actually dodge. Could be like Loxmere.

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I think Nullify by enemies is perfectly acceptable. It should be sufficiently well telegraphed and avoidable, though.