Shattered Realm boss rooms

Hello, my dear readers!
Today I want to talk about boss spawn system in SR.
First of all - I like SR, I like the challenge of high SR
The idea is to make it less randomly with the next system:

  1. High Shards contain 1 AoM/FG nemesis, 2 Vanilla nemesis and 3 bosses (one from AoM, one from FG, one from Vanilla)
  2. Make mutually exclusive nemesis. Even with such system it’s possible to face some combinations which are almost imposible to kill. It’s all about high Shards, like 65-75+

So, here we go, mutually exclusive nemesis:

  • Make Benn’Jahr and Valdaran mutually exclusive with Grava and Aleks. It doesn’t matter how good your build is or how you are skillful. Without 80% trap/stun res you may pass this guys only with big good luck
  • Make Anasteria mutually exclusive with Valdaran. For melee builds this couple is a real headache. They decrease your aether and lightning res to such low numbers that even aether cluster can’t help much

Any ideas?

One qustion:

How the earth can a char do sr 95+ when grava nullficated u?

All my char can do 75 that i made in FG, but i see that shitload is just reset…

I don’t see anybody write down some guide how the fuck counter that just sr+…

Make sure you don’t get 3 or 4 stunning enemies, because even 80% stun resist does nothing at this point… :confused:

That’s a request, btw.

I haven’t gone so far in SR
But I killed Grava in 81-82 shards by my Dervish and Vindicator
Nullification oneshots you in 99% in 80+, so you need to avoid this:rolleyes:

Grava gives me motion sickness in SR:D.One of the reasons I don’t push past 76.Btw Grava one shot my Shieldbreaker through Blast shield,Ascension,Aether cluster,Ancestry and Serenity at same time in SR 78:rolleyes:,time to stop playing SR for now.

The answer is you don’t get nullified, you dodge it:)

@OP " Boss spawn pools have been updated to smooth out progression and reduce nasty combinations, particularly at higher Shards. Certain bosses can no longer appear in multiples."

Dodge it?

fluff i know u are one of the highest skilled player in here, but with a veretragna carrot lord i don’t think so u can do it or any melee…

And i saw the thread, but still i wanted to find out some strategy.

I feel you. Playing my Auramancers in SR, when I see Grava, that’s reset. When I see other nullification mobs in normal phases, I just s— my pants. That mechanic is horrible.

Sometimes i can kill, but really pain in the ass. I thought there are some kind of tactic with it, but try to dodge that’s all…

If he counter me in the last i can, but in first i can’t…

I was thinking that something that might help make boss rooms more fun and manageable and less of an RNG “cross your fingers that there’s no Grava” would be to allow us to keep earning the shattered soul buff in the boss rooms. A lot of the bosses spawn adds and bosses themselves drop shattered souls in the regular chunks. It feels silly to annihilate Kaisan with a 12 stack shattered soul buff and then immediately fight him again in the boss chunk and have it take twice as long and potentially require potions/aether clusters.

I enjoy fighting nemeses and bosses in the regular chunks but dread the boss chunks for this reason. In the regular chunks, I’ll even pull nemeses into each other and into swarms of mobs just to buff myself with shattered souls. It would be fun to have the option to do something like that in the boss chunks.

Thx, this is great, but to be honest don’t really need for this, right now most of the builds can do SR+ or at least SR, after patch no more nasty combos.

Further more in this case u can pull some arcane heroes wich can nullficate u.