Shattered realm maps

Dear Crate,

  1. problem

What is this???

I spawned there, and 3 of the boss, nemesis attacked me. Only in this map.

Before patch we spawned way more back

IMO the builds 60% dead before do anything. Ranged, caster even melee.

  1. porblem

Towers in SR… Why there are towers in SR??? Mostly if i see one i just run back and wait till the mobs come there.

Towers don’t no nothing. Towers don’t even force me to think creativitly. It just annoying…

Pls remove them. Even the lava or poison gas thing better… Still that would be good to remove it.

Dear build users, readers, likers, builders!


I won’t lie, this killed most of the ranged, caster builds, so till this won’t fixed, i don’t suggest used any of the build in SR.

If u don’t see the problem, u spawn in the arena 2 - 3 meter ahead, that means 3 boss, nemesis can attack u. THIS HAPPENED ONLY THIS MAP.

Was it necessary to start another thread on the same thing…

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Sry didn’t see that.


We need to wait that much to fix SR jump?

there’s more pressing issues like invisible illusions and new fx

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Lol, sad than no SR till that time woth squishy builds.

Theres another 4th chunk map also where its almost impossible not to pull everything on the map the moment you enter. The chtonic map, i think its loghorrean boss room. The moment you enter everything rushes you, if you are lucky you can avoid pulling the boss at the very back but its unlikely.

No, this fix is going in the hotfix.

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Closed and unlisted on the author’s request.