Shield mechanics questions

By saying AoE is not blocked but this and that and the other and that other and that one over there is not AoE even though they are AoE. So basically it’s case by case.


There is a difference between an AoE being unblockable and something with an AoE being blockable. If you don’t understand that, make a new thread.

The funny thing here is, I guess, players comprehention of “AoE” (Devastation included) vs. game mechanics “AoE” (source code-wise). If that makes any sense.

A guy just made this thread so why should I make a thread about a “difference between AoE and something with AoE”? Anyway, what AoE isn’t a “something with AoE”? Everything is a something, no? :rofl:

This topic just keeps getting more confusing by the hour :rofl:

What I mean is:

  • I understand dmg auras like Censure or Wendigo Totem are not blockable. What about Box? Is it that no ticking skills are blockable? What about Siphon Souls or Heart of Wrath?

  • I understand ground based AoE skills like Sigil of Consumption or Leviathan proc or Yugol proc are not blockable. Is that right? What about BwC?

  • What about channeling skills like Tether or Kaisan crystals?

Box and Siphon are debuffs IIRC.

Heart of Wrath is basically Censure/Night’s Chill, so no.



Not blockable. BWC is an interesting case because it is a projectile that spawns a ground pool, however the projectile itself doesn’t do any damage. I guess you could technically ‘block’ it which might make a <100% Recovery build have their shield go on cooldown for no practical purpose, but the damage pool that BWC creates cannot be blocked.

Yes, but dmg from multiple Boxes stack as opposed to other debuffs. So maybe it’s not a debuff? Huh? :thinking:

Heart of Wrath is a ticking skill (deals dmg per second for a duration) that’s initiated by Judgment. Just like Blood Boil and Siphon Souls. Censure and Night’s Chill from Veil of Shadows are togglable dmg auras.not casts. Anyway, so Judgement is blockable but HoW isn’t? Confusing af.

Anyway, I don’t get this debuff no debuff thing. Just about everything got a debuff. Bone Harvest got a debuff. Mortars got a debuff on the Big One. Even Forcewave got a debuff on Internal Trauma.

No, Judgment isn’t blockable.

You can block anything that would otherwise be affected by Dodge/Deflect, or Impaired Aim/Fumble. A great many things don’t care about those stats, and they tend to be innately AoE effects or debuffs that directly apply something to a player.

These are not debuffs; but to get even further away from this thread, now you’re treading into the difference between Debuffs and Debuff Effects. I’ve written at length about this subject already on reddit, so just skim through these posts:

Oh, so shields are basically a poor-ass version of dodge/deflect with limited dmg mitigation and recovery time in exchange for usually better chance?

And the ability to proc things (on-block), but yes.


Also, after reading your Reddit post, I think I understand why multiple Boxes stack. Might it be because once you anchor them on the enemy it’s the enemy that becomes “the source of the skill”? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’m gonna level with you - I am very surprised that Storm Box stacks with itself and intend to test that out a bit when I’m in a position to do so. Storm Box (without its tether modifier) uses the same skill template as Curse of Frailty (and it’s in the same skill archetype as Bloody Pox, albeit Pox is deeper in the family tree under the “contagion” section) which does not stack with itself when it gets damage (from item skill modifiers).

I’m not saying I necessarily doubt you because without question you are likely to have played Inquisitor more than I have, but I can’t rightly speak to why Box does or does not behave a certain way.

Sorry to stray off topic. In my experience Box acts more like Mark of Torment than CoF:

  • you can’t target ground, it needs an enemy to be anchored at
  • spell dies - stops affecting everyone in radius - once the enemy dies
  • Tether looks exactly like MoT

What acts exactly as CoF is Word of Pain. Maybe that’s what you meant?

As to why it stacks, maybe it doesn’t? Don’t believe the hype! :wink: I haven’t tested it in a modded environment but it seems very much from my experience with Allagast vindicator that it does stack.

My exp as well. BTW wop is not ground targettable, unlike cof.

Sure it is. Or was? It changed?

great thread - i’m almost absolutely certain that multiple attacks can be blocked simultaneously with 100% recovery/chance as I don’t take damage from MQ with yuhu, and dude’s got projectiles 4 dayz.

@ceno - can something like valdaran’s thunderbolt be blocked?

No, doombolt clones cannot be blocked. His orb burst can be, though.

sorry to keep badgering you, but what about pounce attacks? or something like DE?

Give me an example?

Point me to an enemy with Drain Essence and I’ll let you know. (no, btw)