Shields and Tresury (Vault)

First : soldiers dont equip shields
Second :
the gold gets not in the treasury (vault), it always says 0/25000 although I have 7000 gold

I haven’t gotten to making shields yet, but also wondered about the gold not showing stored in the Vault. I ran across your post while looking to see if I had completely missed some form of item transfer mechanic.

Is the 7000 gold in your Trading Post.

Currently there is an issue where gold transferred OUT of a Trading Post remains in the Trading Post but is available for town spending, rather than getting transferred out.

As for shields, Soldiers do equip shields, but they are currently not shown in their equipment list when looking at them in the Barracks. If you select a soldier, do you see a Shield in their inventory?


Right now gold ingots are in my Storehouse, not the Vault. Do I uncheck them in the Storehouse?

Sorry, haven’t figured out what the checkmark on items in storage actually does yet.

Establishing shot for proximity between Vault and Storehouse.

If they were already in the Storehouse, they do not get transferred over (currently). New gold generated would prioritize the Vault however.


Zantai, your responsiveness is magnifique! I won’t come to expect it, though, fret not. :slight_smile:

New gold generated includes my foundry, I assume, as well.

No The Gold is not in the Trading Post.

And the Shields are not show in the Inventory.

You will not see the gold in the Trading Post’s inventory, but it is “there”, hidden, in limbo. As long as you see the gold in your town totals but it’s not in any visible storage, it’s hiding in the Trading Post’s secret compartment.

This is an issue we plan to address.

The shield would appear like this. Do not see that when selecting a soldier?

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The Shield Works !!

I also noticed a bug where very little gold if any would end up in the vault even after transferred out of the trade center. I don’t understand where it goes even as I checked all my storehouses and its not stored there either. This is a big concern as I do a lot of buying low and selling high–then raiders come and they are somehow jacking gold from places that are not the vault and I have no way of knowing what point exactly to defend. Right now it’s like losing your password to your crypto wallet lol.

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