Short newbie questions

Hey there, new to GD, and looking for help to some basic questions, help much appreciated!

  1. The health bar seems to have some light yellow coating on it, I can’t find any info on what this means anywhere - do I have two kinds of health?
  2. Regen- maybe this ties in to question 1,and the yellow top of the health bar represents Regen rate, but: do I understand correctly that outside of combat I always regen back to full health and my “regen rate” is displaying my in-combat regen rate? Or are there two?
    3.passives that “can” activate on default attack : do they ONLY activate on default attack, or can I use for example soldier or Necro weapon bonus passives for e.g. Demolitions flame strike bound on rmb?
  3. Is it considered silly to invest points in the skills at the bottom of the tree, because they will be superseded by later skills, or will these beginners still be useful later?
    Thanks much in advance! Any pointers to links beyond the “game guide” here would be appreciated too!

1 and 2 That is your constitution. When out of combat it regenrates your HP. You can refill constitution by finding untouched meals or vitality essences
3. flame strike should proc the default attack passives since flame strike is a default attack replacement like Beronath’s fury.(need confirming)
4. All skills are viable for different builds. Try to find out yours.

Thank you very much.

I think I am still confused on #3 on two accounts. Sorry, any clearup would be greatly appreciated.
First, now not even sure exactly what counts as a “default attack”. Does that mean it has to be mapped to LMB? I have mapped “move to” there, and am not using the default attack at all. On my RMB I have “fire strike” now (first demolitionist skill), but the game lets me map almost anything there. How can I tell what counts as a Default Attack? Fire strike itself says, “when used as default attack”, it deals additional damage – so that means there is the possibility that it is not used as the default attack?
Secondly, the game guide confuses me with the word “instead”:

>> What that means is that on every basic attack you do, you will have a chance of using the ability instead.

Does that mean that if my passive skill chance procs when I used Fire Strike, I will not use Fire Strike at all but whatever passive skill (such as Markovian’s Advantage) “instead”?

Just slightly confused as to what Constitution is for then if my regeneration is always active anyway. I always regenerate, but regeneration from Constitution is just a bit extra between battles as long as I have food?

Thanks much

Yes you have to map them to L CLICK. Skills that are default attack replacements have written in their description something like that with some yellowish brown color. Not all classes have these skill. Soldier has cadence, demolitionist has fire strike and shaman has primal strike. Dunno about the 2 new masteries.

Oh and constitution, yes, it just heals you much faster while out of combat in case you don’t have a healing skill like pneumatic burst or blood of dreeg

[QUOTE=Skyquake;551023]Yes you have to map them to L CLICK. Skills that are default attack replacements have written in their description something like that with some yellowish brown color. Not all classes have these skill. Soldier has cadence, demolitionist has fire strike and shaman has primal strike. QUOTE]

Thanks so much!
So I must bind them to LMB and cannot bind them to RMB?

So I must bind them to LMB and cannot bind them to RMB?

You can map RMB with an initiation skill like blitz or shadow strike. That’s what I do anyway. :smiley:

Cadence and Firestrike can be bound to either LMB or RMB iirc - if you click on the RMB and they show up there they can be bound to it. Obviously since they’re your main attack skills usually binding them to the LMB is the most sensible.

You should look at maxing one or two early skills like Cadence while at the same time climbing a mastery since that will give you more survivability.

Thanks much.
I like to have LMB to “move to” instead of an attack and just want to know if the passives which proc on (default) attacks will also proc with an attack such as Fire Strike if that is bound to RMB and not LMB – I am not sure I am understanding Skyquake correctly. Thanks!

They will - but only if you’re using that skill. Like skyquake I have my main attack skill on the LMB and something like Blitz or Shadow Strike on the RMB. Personally I can’t see any point in Move To. You do that anyway if you’re not attacking something.

Ok thank you.
Sometimes I want to move somewhere through or close enough to some mob that the game thinks I want to attack it, and then I attack it if bound to LMB instead of moving where I want to. Probably if I used a melee skill instead of Fire Strike on a rifle it would be less of an annoyance. Still getting the hang of things.

May I ask: On the grimtools skill calculator ( the summons skills, at least for the Shaman, don’t seem to have any visible bonus for increasing the investment in the skill. For example, putting 2 points into a Briarthorn summon appears to give me a summon with insignificantly more health and energy – why would anyone ever put more than 1 point in it, or in a Wendigo totem, etc? I’m guessing I’m missing something, a point in the right direction would be great, thank you.

Haven’t used Wendigo Totem myself, but for Briarthorn or Hellhound in Occultist, maxing out the base skill early for a petmancer means the pets will deal with practically anything they face without your help. Just set them to Aggressive (right click on their icons and choose that mode - it’ll change to a red sword) and watch them demolish everything in their path. :slight_smile:

OK thanks, then that’s just something the Calculator leaves out then.
Two last questions, because the Game Guide still confuses me:

“Percent Damage bonuses affect all damage dealt of that type, which includes skills and weapon attacks. So if you have a 20% bonus to Fire Damage, all of your fire-based skills will do increased damage, as well as any fire damage you deal on weapon attacks.”

I can’t tell if this means:

a. Bonuses for damage types which come from skills apply only to that skill
b. Bonuses for damage types which come from skills apply to all skills of that type

for example, let’s say I have maxed Brute Force, giving me +72% physical and trauma damage, and maxed Savagery, for +90% lightning and bleed, and I have a 2h weapon equipped and get at least a stack of Savagery going; those boni to physical and lightning will also apply to a cast of Stun Jacks (and bonus to trauma damage if I had the stun jack mod Full Spread) in scenario b, which would make sense to me.

Also, still not sure what counts as “attack damage”. What is an attack? Does that have to come from a weapon? In other words, does Feral Hunger also transfer damage done from Grenados, for example, into health, or only from Savagery / Fire Strike / Cascade?

Thank you so much!

I’m afraid I can’t help with those questions Onmastikon. I’m not au fait with the mechanics of the game so hopefully someone else who knows more about that side of things can/will answer your questions.

OK thanks, can anyone else please tell me:

  • What counts as an “attack”? Is that anything which does damage?
  • What counts as “attack damage”?

thank you!

an attack for “on attack” procs count as anything that does damage

Attack damage, when speaking about attack damage converted to health (ADCtH) is either from weapon damage, or in the case of skills like Sigil of Consumption; the damage the skill deals, and gets returned to you as health.

Also seems like no one covered this but, in the case of Default attack replacers (Fire strike, Savagery, Cadence, Troll Rage, and Beronath’s Fury) in combination with weapon pool skills (WPS) such as: Shamans Brute force line (Feral Hunger and Upheaval), the Dual Blades Line in Nightblade, and Soldier, inquisitor and Necromancer WPS. they stack stats on top of each other;

IE: in the case of Fire Strike + Feral Hunger you would do fire strikes damage as well as Feral Hungers.

The only exception to this is Cadence’s third hit which overrides all WPS and only does Cadences listed damage

Hey thanks this is invaluable!
So this means that I can also leech (“x% attack damage converted to health”) off of my grenades if it procs – but probably not mortar shells, since these are apparently small minions?
That also would mean that each of those things which does damage needs to “hit” (and has a chance to miss) – right? That is, Stun Jacks and Grenados, which seem to do area damage, still have to roll to hit or miss, correct?
When a skill (such as Feral Hunger) says “x% chance to be used”, does that mean per skill use or per damage instance? In other words, if a grenade has 8 fragments, does Feral Hunger check to proc off of which fragment it leeches?

Finally, I hope I am not understanding this incorrectly: I plan to focus on elemental (fire and electricity, also some burning and electrocution) damage with Demolistionist skills. For this, I had hoped to use the Shaman as an additional debuffer. My hope is to summon low-level Wind Devils with maxed Raging Tempests to debuff enemy resists. Am I correct in assuming the -elemental resists from Raging Tempest will stack with - fire and lightning resists from Thermite Mine’s jets?


That coating represents how much constitution you have left, which is basically how much you can heal up for free when you leave combat. When that coating disappears, you need to eat food, vitality essence or go to town to get soup if you get the cook in the quest in act 1. If you do not, you will no longer heal outside of combat until you replenish it.

when the coating disappears, you no longer heal out of combat. I’ve almost never had that happen, as they give lots of opportunities to replenish it, but it has happened on to me on a long kite session.

There used to be a few default attacks which did not show weapon damage% on it, but I think they all show the weapon damage% on the skill, which makes everything follow a simple rule: If the skill has weapon damage%, it will include any procs associated with the weapon, including any weapon damage buffs.

You can always respec points at some point, except for the class level. Those remain, but at some point, you will likely max it, so it’s not a waste. I find that in general, you’ll want to have about 1 class level point per character level, including both classes together.

Many of the best skills are early on, so spend away, and if you change your mind later, go ahead and respec. Just don’t go too crazy on the respec’s, the price of respecing goes up as you use it. It takes a while, and would only really be an issue if you completely respeced a few times.

That’s what the ‘Force Move’ button is for. At least I think that is how it’s called. I have bound it to the ‘t’ button on my keyboard, and use it all the time to move. This way I’m sure I’m moving and not accidently clicking on and as such attacking an enemy. This way I can have my main skill on LMB and other skill I use most of the times on RMB.