Short question Purifier VS Sorcerer

Hi there,

which class is better for 2h ranged firestrike build?
Purifier has nice wps and Aura of censure, but sorcerer
has nice Support too and reckless power now gives +attack Speed.
I cannot decide, plz help :slight_smile:

Purifier is better.

Are you sure? I mean there is more purifier-equipment, but sorcerer gets more %fire damage, olexa freeze and 3sec shield…

Purifier is better for ranged, that is not to say Sorcerer can’t work

Btw, try to get as much RR as you can w/o relying on Censure so that you have the option for Conviction

Olexa dosent work if it dosent freeze, so you shouldnt pick it. 3 sec shield is nice, but outside of %CDR build its not so good as it look on paper.