Short Question: Ultos or Cyclone Set for melee lightning build?

Short Question:

I want to play a melee lightning damage build. I have the cyclone set complete and I could craft and transmute the stuff for the ultos set. I farmed 120 Ugdenbloom to craft all the components and now I need to decide what build to make.

The Cyclone will make a Eye of reckoning + wind devil archon. The Ultos the well-known-primalstrike build.

I never played with the cyclone set and never a EOR build.
I tend to the Cyclone set. Cause its new for me. But i am afraid to waste my time. I know the set was realy strong some time ago but got nerfed multiple times.

I dont want to waste my time and ugdenblooms to level a Hero and Craft all the components for a Build that sucks. But I want have a lighning damage melee build :slight_smile:
Is the Cyclone EOR build/set still playable? Strong enoug to beat gladiator 170 and SR 60?