Shout out from NC!

Hello fellow Grim Dawners! This is my first forum thread on this site. I’m a gamer that has played games ever since the TRS-80 and DOS days of the 80’s. A friend of mine got me into Diablo 3, and honestly I never played any type of RPG before then. I was mainly a RTS and then in 2004 a FPS. Been playing Diablo 3 to death to where I have lost interest in it. I needed another game to sink my teeth into that had a flavor similar to Diablo. Tried POE, but I just didn’t like the gameplay or graphics. I read good things about Grim Dawn and decided to take a chance on the kickstarter price. I must say that I am very pleased on my decision to buy early access to the game. I enjoy the game immensely and is my replacement game for an RPG. I also like the fact the developers are keeping everyone informed of the progress and the wonderful job they are doing. The $24.99 just for the “alpha” release to me is a bargain, because I have paid way more for games that have gave me less enjoyment. I also like I can give support to the developers as they make the game more complete. I’m going to school for three degrees (game development, programming, and mobile device development) and I have much appreciation for these people now. My friend seems very interested in the game, and so does my wife, so I think I can market it to two more people :). The more, the better. This game needs to be seen and played. Thanks again developers for a good beginning to great things.

Welcome Devcoder-X, glad you are enjoying the game so far and, though I’m sure you know this, the $25 is both for the alpha access and the final game on release.

Grim Dawn definitely is shaping up to be a great Arpg - hopefully mutliplayer will come out sometime at the end of July which will hopefully give more people incentive in getting the game.

And a hearty welcome to you, sounds like Grim Dawn found another fan.