Silly question, did AAR change?

I didn’t play the last version of the game much, but I do remember AAR being fire and aether in the past. When I came back to play of recent, I thought I noticed that it had been changed to lightning and aether. Did I dream this? I noticed that it’s Aether and Fire now. Checked multiple times. The transmuter confuses me though. Where is the lightning dmg coming from that it is converting to vitality? #FeelingConfused

Vitality damage on Disintegration was replaced with Lightning damage, plus electrocute damage was added to it. Now if you want vitality on AAR you need to use the transmuter. The base skill though is still Aether and Fire.

The modifier for AAR has been changed from vitality damage to lightning damage and the transmuter has been updated to also convert lightning to vitality damage.

Thanks, the placement of the transmuter seems off I guess. Especially since it converts aether to chaos as well. I thought most transmuters didn’t affect the subsequent skill modifiers. Anyhow, many thanks.

Another change is the damage is a lot higher than a couple years ago. I recently logged onto a level 85 AAR mage (my first character), that had somewhere between 40-50K DPS back when I played him, and he had over 100K when I came back to him, with the same gear and devotions.