Similar to games you played

Apparently steam AI needs to learn the difference between isometric ARPGs and coop FPS.

It’s all about the hats dude

Steam has been trying to sell me that van helsing game since forever. Getting quite tired of it, doesn’t the marketing department understand that perhaps using that slot to promote something else might result in a sale? I mean after a year or more of me ignoring it this just doesn’t make business sense.

Steam also thinks because I play a lot of Fallout New Vegas that I’d totally love Fallout 4. Steam is very silly.

Well, you could just click the “Not Interested” button. :smiley:

Guess what I do every time Fallout 4 comes up as a recommendation?

Guess what keeps coming back up?

Todd Howard’s a persistent git, I’ll give him that.

Really ? I thought the whole point of saying ‘not interested’ is for it to never show up again, now it is just pointless…

Every time I log out and back into Steam it’s like Steam forgets everything I told it about not showing me crappy games. So it’s probably a cookie expiring or something.

The irony is I actually played 1st Vermintide on steam, for 71 hrs. I guess it’s not similar to Vermintide 2 at all! :smiley:

Fucking did it again.

Also, need to change my curators now. PCMR just recommended me the latest Wolfenstein. How about no?

The problem with that is that it results in fewer ARPG recommendations in general, which is not what I want. If it was laser focused on just the one game I want to ignore I would, but it just doesn’t work that way.

This one made me laugh:

Yeah I really want to play Bitchford’s abortion that can’t even maintain a concurrent playerbase in the double digits. Good one, Steam.

And then there’s this:

…The fuck is wrong with you, Steam?

Ah yes the ever present freemium suggestions. I’m fairly sure I added that particular tag to my never show this list, but they still pop up every month or so. Meh.

What in the blueberry fuckmuffin, Steam

Steam, please learn what the fuck an RPG is. HuniePop is a lot of things, but it is definitely not an RPG.

If we are to use a traditional definition of Role Playing Game I can somewhat comprehend why these are considered as RPG.

Still - noone ever calls dating sims as such. Games you listed don’t even have an RPG tag.

Other steam stupidity… seriously? Somewhere an accountant is having a heart attack right now :stuck_out_tongue: