Since the modding community was heard

First and foremost thank you for this EPIC game. :smiley:
Since the mastery cap was doubled can you please do the same for the player/monster and skill level cap’s. Also would it be possible to add an NPC or item that would allow players to unlearn a mastery without losing the skills/passives? (I know mods can do this but earning it in-game would feel less like cheating).

These are two different beasts. Increasing the number of masteries does not impact gameplay, while the increase in skill level cap will effect game balance.

Also, there was a need that was clearly stated.

Also, posting the same thing in multiple locations is not a good way to get on anyone’s good side.


Please don’t do this and don’t encourage others to do it. All it does is congest the forums with meaningless posts. If you’ve got something new to add, then sure - but only in one place.

Thank you.


Been asked for before. Not being able to change your mastery in-game is intentional and should you really want it, tools exist to do so.