Skeleton improvements

So i played a necro with skellies only, amd boy those could need some qol improvements. I will state the problems first and propose solutions afterwards.

  1. the aggro range is terrible. They only hit enemies that are right besides them. This applies even to archers and casters
  2. you have no control over the composition of your army
    2a) you dont even see it on one glance
  3. its displayed as a buff instead of a summon

Skellies should be displayed like all other summons in the upper left corner. I see that this could be a problem space wise, thus they could be aggregated in classes (melee, ranged etc). Each class should have their own aggro setting. And you should be able to disband one skellie at a time from your chosen class. This way you have control over the composition of your army and their behaviour.

I actually thought this was the case i.e the summons healthbars, but am surprised to find it wasn’t. Valid suggestion, and I second it.

However, I don’t agree with being able to disband skellies to get only ranged skeletons or melee ones. The randomness serves a purpose to get you to play differently with each fight, making each fight a unique experience.

Once the skeleton behavioral issues are fixed however, you may feel differently about the composition of the army.