Skill Allocation


So every time i start a new game i have to AGAIN allocate my devotion skills with my item skills - not char skills - but skills from items !

Blind Fury (Oleron) - before i completed Belghotian set for Blademaster, i use to have as a primary attack skill Beronath’s Fury from Shard of Bernoath material.
Every time i started a new game, i had to allocate the dec skill to the item skill.

Now I use Seal of Blades on my Belghotian sword and it gives me Whirling Blades aura - and I put either dev Blind Fury (oleron) or dev Assasin’s Mark (Assassin’s Blade) on the aura and works perfectly.
But after i restart game i have to allocate them again…why ?


That doesn’t sound normal at all. I doubt these will make any difference but required first checks, can you please verify your game files via steam or gog and if still the same then run Repair.exe (located in game folder).

Edit…are you using any mods/trainers/stash tools etc