Skill cooldown reduction cue?

I’d like to see some kind of cue, whether it’s a sound, visual effect or anything else that a skill has had it’s cooldown reduced to 0.

To be precise, my issue stemmed from Ulzuin’s Chosen and how it has a chance to lower the cooldown for it’s effected skills to 0.
I personally find it to be a slight inconvenience that if I want to know if for example, Grenado or Canister Bomb can be used after the first cast that i have to direct my focus from the fight and down to the skill bar and watch the icon if even only for a split second or more if the second cast leads to a third (albeit rare).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing game breaking and I or anyone else should be capable of playing the game without it but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see something similar added. Just a luxury if you will.

If there already is a cue or something I’ve missed, I’d like to hear it but from my experience, I have not found a way of telling other than watching the skill icon and that just makes kiting somewhat more awkward…

I think it fine as it is.
To add visual they should take every skill and give it some special visual at “ready”
the same is for sounds.
it has to be different because if it will be same visual or sound it will force to look at the bar any way to check which skill is ready.

lets just say they added sounds cue?
i imagine that player with many skills will go nuts from
ding dong bling ffftang lol

I agree a sound or visual cue for Ulzuin’s Chosen would be neat.
There are two ways to get a similar effect: Ulzuin’s Chosen and GIldnam Arcanum equipment. The idea would not be to have a cue for every single skill, put specifically for these two effects. A “rearm” sound would be way enough for example. Or a small translucent overhead.

I am currently playing a cd intensive demolitionist, and I just don’t have the luxury to look at my skillbar to see if I can recast a skill. I do prefer the Ulzuin’s Chosen mechanics to regular cd reduction: it’s more fun. But it really is a bit impractical currently.

I use Canister Bomb to proc Eldritch Fire and it’s nice being able to re-cast it when Ulzuin’s Chosen has triggered. I fully support OP’s idea. A visual or sound cue is required as players have to constantly look at the skill bar to identify if it’s ready or not.

Currently my fights are a flowchart with my Commando

Step 1: Warcry
Step 2: Flashbang ~ Canister Bomb, (look at bar)
Step 3: If on CD - Melee attack. If ready - Repeat Step 2.

I’m not asking for something like the “Toasty” guy from the MK games but something “does” need to happen.