Skill improvements

I have some questions about skill nodes that improve skills.

Ill use 2 examples:

Grasping Vines -> Entangling Vines

Grasping Vines do 50 Physical damage. Entangling Vines says +100% physical damage.
I thoght that Entangling Vines would cause all my physical damage to be increased by 100% on the enemies affected, but I have already been told that it just increases the 50 physical damage from Grasping vines by 100%.
1. Is that right?

Well, how does this work with the next example then?

Flame Touched -> Temper

Flame Touched does 23 Fire Damage and +100% Fire Damage.
2. What does this mean? Does it change my physical damage to fire, or does it add as much physical damage as I do again as fire?
3. Also, Temper says +100% physical damage. So, like Entangling Vines, I would say it increases the physical component of Flame Touched by 100%, Byt Flame Touched doesn’t add physical damage, so what does this do in this case?


  1. This is right.

  2. Flame Touched does 23 fire damage and 100% fire damage. Does it? That’s the key. The skill doesn’t do damage itself like Vines. Instead, it’s a buff, a toggle. When you activate it, 23 fire damage will be on your character, and delivered through your weapon.

So if you have a white weapon with 10 physical damage, activate Flame touched and Temper, you’ll do:

10 physical + 100% more from temper = 20 physical
23 fire + 100% more from flametouched = 46 fire

Now, if you throw a Canister bomb while flametouched and temper is activated, its fire damage will receive the 100% fire boost. The same for a physical skill and temper’s 100% physical.

In no way will this flat 23 fire damage from flametouched be added to a skill that doesn’t have weapon damage % in it though.

Thanks, your example is very clear. There is one thing I still don’t get tho.

Why does +100% physical damage on Entangling Vines affect only the physical damage added by it’s predecesor skill, while the +100% physical damage on Temper affects all the physical skills cast, instead of the physical damage of its predecesor?
It’s clear in your example, but I would like to know it for the rest of the skills.

if it’s a passive it affects all damage sources, if it’s an active skill modifiers only affect the skill itself :wink:

Because Vines is not a buff/aura, neither does it involve your weapon. It is a spell that does its own damage. The same for grenado, canister bomb etc.

When you activate flametouched though, or any other aura like fire aura from the component, all those %damages stay on your character. You are running around with 100%fire 100%physical even without attacking. Think of it as a passive that you have to press a button for it to work.

Thanks, I see. So improvements of toggle skills, affect you and not the skill, while the skill is toggled.

Right, so basically toggle passives are like buffs to your entire being. Using an active skill/attack will also take into account the buffs on you. The secondary skills on the same active/attack skill line only impact the specific skill they are attached to unless otherwise stated. To make it even more complicated, some main skills can impact others, like building Saveragy Shaman stacks to be used with other attacks, and Deadly Momentum in Soldier Cadence line.

my pets used to crit for 8k , after maxing entangling vines the chillmane , briarthorne , hellhound either of them now hit for 14k. primal spirit now does 18k instead of 15k crit. Im not 100% sure its the vines tho but its the only thing I changed.

After more testing , it was not the case. it only work for the skill it seems.

That is correct. Skill bonuses only work on the skill itself, unless otherwise said so.