Skill Modifier feedback

I made this thread so that anyone with skill mod feedback can join in on the fun, but I’m specifically having some trouble with Blazerush, a 2-handed mace geared towards Elementalists. I just cobbled together an edited character to see how the item functions with level 100 gear, and I’m not impressed. Here’s my build for reference:

There are a couple of problems I’m noticing:

1. Upheaval bonuses on a weapon with fire/phys damage

This weapon gives bonuses to fire/phys damage but also extra weapon damage to upheaval via its skill modifier. This means it intends for you to be using default weapon attacks to proc Upheaval, but since savagery is lightning/bleed/phys, this means the player will be using firestrike. While this isn’t a problem in itself, a lot of upheavals bonuses are wasted because upheaval offers bleed/lightning damage, which is useless to a fire-based firestrike build. Maybe a modifier like “100% lightning damage converted to fire damage to Upheaval” would solve this problem.

2. Grenado damage is too low

Since you’ll be splitting skill points between firestrike and grenado, there’s just not enough points to go around for grenado to be impressive. Even with the added 70% weapon damage, a grenado (skill points allocated 26/5/7) still only does as much damage as a max rolled firestrike hit (skill points allocated 12/12/4/4) while costing about 15 times as much mana. Blazing Charge, a skill from the Korvaak’s Deception relic, even does way more damage than grenado despite it being an item skill. Substantially increasing weapon damage to the grenado skill modifier would help solve this problem; perhaps something even as high as 250-300% weapon damage to grenado would really help it stand out and justify its high mana cost.

3. Grenado is too expensive for the build

If grenado is maxed (even with ectoplasms, arcane sparks, Ulzuin’s Chosen skill cost reduction, and Mogdrogen’s Pact), you can’t afford to cast it constantly unless you wear caster gear. If you wear caster gear, you likely can’t be in melee often enough to be dishing out firestrike damage. Against Nemesis enemies, I find myself casting grenado extremely sparingly because it completely drains my mana pool. Perhaps giving a nice chunk of energy regen to Blazerush or adding another skill modifier to reduce grenado cost would help this build along significantly.

Since Blazerush underperforms in both the Upheaval and grenado department, there’s really no reason to make a build around it. Other weapons do either grenado or upheaval better, and this weapon doesn’t even do both very well.

Yes, blazerush is one of most strange weapons in the game.
I don’t known anyone who (in present conditions) will able to use it.
We got only one hope that developers will made some changes to this weapon (like we all remembers changes with darkblaze set, from trash-tier to decent-tier)

I remember trying to put together a Fire/Lightning Elementalist with it. It was pretty point hungry so I eventually gave up.

I think the Grenado modifier should change to provide something more of a debuff though similar to the modifier on Gildor’s Pulverizer. So, even if you aren’t focusing on Grenado, you still have a reason to drop a point into it.


I still say remove all the skills mods and give it 100% Lightning to Fire to Brute Force or Primal Strike or Savagery

If they choose to keep this weapon like this it’ll never be useful when compared to Infernal Brimstone, Shar’Zul’s Worldeater and Mythical Warhammer of Heavenly Judgement (probably will get added in the upcoming expac)

I’d say let Mythical Adversary handle 2h Grenado department and turn Blazerush into something more practical.

Compared Mythical Adversary the skill mods on Blazrush and Hellborne are pretty crap. I don’t mind Grenado skill mods on two rifles but this weapon has a lot of potential and it’d go to waste if it’s turned into yet another Grenado weapon imo

Did I miss something? Is this some new meme or what?

I find grenado pretty bad in general. No matter how you build it it’s an expensive filler attack skill wise and energy wise.

I tried chaos grenado too with ulziun medal and it was really really bad in ultimate campaign

As for blazerush I have no idea what it should be.

I combined it with DB to make it work. I actually like Grenado but the damage to energy cost ratio is bad when I compare it with TSS.

I found it horrible in all regards at lvl 100. TSS has mental alcrity and better spirit overall.

I combined it too. It wasn’t really the grenado that was carrying the build, it was the other stuff I added. Kinda like CT builds.

Too bad, it’s fun to level with it though

It’d be great if Maw of Despair added some %WD to CT. I think it was Ptiro who discovered that it doesn’t make much difference whether you use Transmuted or untransmuted CT the result will be almost same :D:D

As for Grenado, maybe they should look into its energy cost. It sounds expensive. Especially now that I’ve tried Fire based Doom Bolt it definitely is expensive

i’d rather it had more damage and cost the same:p

I so wanted chaos grenade + chaos reap spirit

In reality it’s chaos fissure/meteors build

Looked into that when Reap Spirit was new, but with Doom Bolt + Reap Spirit.

Didn’t try it cause I thought it’d be a shittier version of Reap Spirit + Devastation. Hopefully you are successful

Chaos is hard to gear. there is no chaos reap spirit gear. for CDR and all. Chaos DB cant shine cause DB gloves are stupid in this regard with the conversion. It favors Vitality.

Chaos DB is only ok ( i mean ok not staple for a build) with Harbinger set because it doesn’t just rely on flat dmg mods and conversions