Skill modifiers as affixes?

Is it possible to include skill modifiers in affixes? Would be great to spice up some rare affixes and give alternatives to legendary items with specific skill modifiers.

It is possible, just look at Conduit of*.

Touché. :rolleyes:

Now that I think of it, there could be some affixes that boost the weaker skills. For example, +15 elemental damage to WoP, + 3% crit damage to CT, + 2% Acid RR to CoF, +1% armor to Field Command, 999% increased damage to Devastation (because Devs were/are kinda in love with Devastation :D).

This would be nice, small touches of something to boost some skills, just slightly. Would be nice (at least imo) if those were epic/legendary affixes (that apply to white/yellow/green items).

I should make a mod like this if Crate doesn’t want to add anything like this to GD. :smiley:

Edit: Said “weaker skills”, mentioned CoF… lol

They should be added to the class named prefixes with a modified for whichever + skills is rolled. Eg., Soldiers prefix which rolls +1 to blade Arc also has +5% WD to blade Arc or something. The rare dual class prefixes could work the same way but with modifiers for both skills.