Skill modifiers to Relics

It would be a nice idea to give some relics some (not powerful) skill modifiers. For example, we wanna play Soldier with, idk, Nightblade and we wanna focus on Cold damage, because we’re tired of running pierce damage on that build, so we pick up a relic that converts all physical damage in Soldier to Cold, or just particular skills (like, 100% physical damage converted to Cold damage to Forcewave). You’ll say, go damage conversion from your weapon. Yes, that is a way to do it, but what if (here a random reason) I wanna use a weapon that deals 25% of the enemy health and converts 36% of the physical damage you deal to e.g. chaos? I want that weapon to clean my way through high HP monsters (like the aetherial towers, forgot their names) and I don’t want to waste additional 5 seconds on beating them when they’re resist as f…reak to my damage type. Or if I find a weapon that doesn’t convert any damage but gives +500% (my dreams, don’t mind it) to cold damage and massive amount of OA that I lack and I can’t really use anything else.

I’d love to be a Cold Forcewave Battlemage, tbh… :stuck_out_tongue: