Skill Points Help!!!

Hi guys. I’m new to this game and been using Grim tools for a while. However, upon uploading my save file, it shows that at level 80, I have 37 unused skill points which in reality, i don’t really have (used every skill point I have every time I level up). Searched the internet and only shows 2 quests that provide skill points which are the scientist in devil crossing and hidden path (both giving 1 skill point, finished the devil crossing on all difficulties while only finished normal with hidden path which leave me with 2 skill points spare, far from 37 though). Could you guys please enlighten me. Thank you in advance.

Grim tools shows you skill points for level 100.You earn point finishing main story in FG,point from quest The other you,both only on ultimate and three more points finishing shard 25 in SR.