[Skill question]Can this be done?

I have a habit of thinking about making skills before knowing the limitation of the toolset I am using. I would like to clarify whether or not this is possible.

Basically I want a skill to do a specific things based on an entirely different skill. As an example, lets say we have 3 different skills and we will call them Skill 1, Skill 2, and Skill 3. They are basically buffs that will last an undetermined amount of time and they can all be active at the same time. Each one will also be stackable up to 3 times (so a total of 9 buffs). What they do is irrelevant at this time.

Now for our 4th skill, we shall call it Skill Burst, basically it will do something depending on which and how many buff/s we have active. If multiple are active, it will do them all.

So, upon using skill burst…

  • If Skill 1 is active - Do AoE damage (Do more damage if 2 Skill 1 buffs are active, Do even more damage if 3 Skill 1 buffs are active)
  • If Skill 2 is active - Stun target (Stun 2 targets if 2 Skill 2 are active, Stun 3+ targets if 3 Skills 2 are active)
  • If Skill 3 is active - DoT target (DoT does more damage if 2 Skill 3 are active, DoT does even more damage if 3 Skill 3 are active)
  • If Skill 1, Skill 2, AND Skill 3 is active - Do AoE, Stun and DoT target. Follow all “rules” listed above for other Skills. Should allow for a mix of buffs…eg, 2x Skill 1, 3x Skill 2, 3x Skill 3.

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