Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

Crucible is now faster with the new setup. I lost Pets including skeletons along the way and so they lost their blessings, affecting the overall time. Could be faster in capable hands. But I am happy with my clear speed given I manually controlled my pets a total of zero times :yum:

May I ask what your crucible time with this defensive devotion setup is?

Like 8-9 mins.

Thank you. That’s better than expected. I will try it.

Crucible + Extra Spawns without Blessings/Banners done :blush:

Unfortunately, I forgot to time it :sob:

GT Link was updated with a bit of changes to augments for more Aether/Chaos/Pierce resistances.

Hello !

Noob here, so sorry for the question, but : in GT I read the Cataclysm’s Eye requires 724 spirit, and you have only 652…

Is it just a GT bug, or am I misunderstanding something ?

Crane Devotion lowers the Spirit requirement for Off-hands.

Also, welcome to the forums :blush:

Thanks for the answer, and… for welcoming :wink:

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Are off-hands also considered as weapons in regards to -10% spirit requirements in the Crane Devotion? It would greatly help if it would actually read so. (-10% spirit requirements for Off-hands and weapons)

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Yes, and on Dryad.

It is weird, you buy off-hands and shields at the vendors under “armor” but they are classified as weapons otherwise (also when it comes to celestial smiths)

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GT link updated. No more Blightfiend for those of you who want Skeletons without all the Flesh.

Crate of Entertainment done :blush:

This has somehow become one of my favourite pet builds and I am supposed to hate Skeletons…

So, you choose Master of Death over Possession for this build?

So your only pets are Skeletons (summons & servant) and Hellhound (and the raven as buffer)?
Edit : sorry, forget about the spirits also…

Could you explain why not to keep Blight Fiend ? It’s a pet more, with good debuffs & crowd control…

Yeah, since everything is Vitality focused anyways.

It dies too fast against tougher enemies and I cannibalized those points to get a bit tougher Hellhounds instead.


Really loved this one :smile:

thanks for enlightening me :wink:

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Hello !

Me again :blush:

I don’t understand why you’re using two “Seal of Might”, as the skill granted can only be used once at a time (well… I presume…), and the bonuses for your character are not that priceless…

Both stack and they also affect your pets.

they have specific bonuses that affect your pets. Grants much needed physical res, bleed res and pierce res, which are hard to come by.

Wow !! I’ve never thought that such skills could stack !
This will change a lot of my characters, I think ^^

Thx (again !) for your explanations :slight_smile:

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