Slow Gameplay?

Hey all, i currently started playing GD again after it first released, hearing that it was finished. I’ve been having a lot of fun and currently i am level 26.

Using a cadence build as a soldier/arcanist
completely self found, hardcore and veteran difficulty.

However i feel like all i am doing is holding down left click on a pack of mobs and waiting for my character to clear out a pack.
I was wondering if a lot of builds feel this way? is Grim Dawn more of a synergy game? (passives doing most of the work) as opposed to something like Path of Exile which depending on your build can have you using multiple abilities?

Dont get me wrong i am still enjoying the game but i really hope the pace picks up at later levels. Thanks!

It is really up to how you invest your skill pointe, you can go mostly passive or mostly active. I tend to have a handful of active skills on my casters a bit less on my meleers.

Is there a general lack of aoe until later levels? taking out a large pack can take me minutes :confused:

Do you use Callidor’s Tempest?

If not, get Olexra’s Flash Freeze and Callidor’s, since the first debuffs Fire res and the later deals Fire/Aether damage.

If you’re rellying on Cadence for everything on a Battlemage, then you’re gonna have a REALLY bad time…

I wish i could link my build but it wont let me, however here are my defensive’s

Menhir’s Will
Military Conditioning
Decorated Soldier
Scars of Battle
War Cry
Maiven’s Sphere
Mirror of Ereoctes
Olextra’s Flash Freeze


Inner Focus
Field Command
Fighting Spirit
Markovian’s Advantage

Fighting Form (from the Cadence line)
Fighting Spirit

It seems like you have not chosen any active offensive ability, and are now asking why you have no active offensive abilities? :wink:

As said before: it 100% depends on which skills you choose. If you only choose passive offensive options like Cadence and Fighting Spirit, then yes, you won’t have any active offensive abilities. In contrast, you could also play a Witch Hunter with DEE (transmuted), CoF, Blood Pox (for procs), Shadow Strike, and PB.

TL;DR: You can have as many active offensive abilities as you like. Note that many components also give active skills.

Define later levels… if you rush towards AoE skill you probably can have them by level 10. If you do not, you should be able to get them by maybe level 20, which would be towards the end of act 1.

Also, don’t forget you can use AoE devotion procs. For example, you could bind Bull Rush to Cadence, it’s an excellent devotion proc and will significantly help you clearing out large mobs.