Small feedback on nemesis warning

i think the text should be red like before
*new warning sound is awesome btw

nemesis warning seems to either be very brief, or gets overtaken in priority? by ex hero kill/other screen announcement text, making it potentially relatively easy to miss

nemesis warning text font size is smaller than basic hero kill announcement too

as a secondary note i think the Nemesis warning font size should also be the max size for other screen announcement/hero kill text (currently other stuff still feels a bit large imo)


Red was not very readable in many game environments, so we reverted back to white.


i could see that make sense :thinking:
still feel like it should get something to stand out a bit visibly from the others

If necessary, you can change the color of the text at will. For example, red:

Also, I’d like to ask: Why can’t other languages ​​be updated synchronously with each update of Take Chinese as an example:

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that can be done as settings folder “mod” change? :thinking:

I haven’t tried it yet, you can try it.

tags_ui.txt (134.1 KB)
Put it in Grim Dawn\Settings\text_en\

We send text out for localization in batches, and then only when we’re sure it’s not going to change anymore. Localization for v1.2.1 will be in the next build.

Although I didn’t find the Nemesis for testing, but the modified task label is enough to prove that this is effective.
tags_ui.txt (134.1 KB)


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